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i need help !!!!!

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  • i need help !!!!!

    Okay guys and gals i need you help i going to bulid my little sister a fancy shawl outfit but i have no clue were to start so i need all the help you can give me THANKS alot

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    First of all, you should get her measurements.
    3)arm length tip to tip for shawl width
    4)shoulder width for cape and vest or shirt word underneath
    5)calf and ankle plus height from ankle to calf for leggings.

    That is about all I can think of, you can also go to http://www.nocbay.com or check out their catalouge. They have shawl information sheets, and girls shawl dress pattern. You may also want to consider wether you want ribbon fringe or chainette. Also your tribe or nation may have special designs or colors that are theirs, and that would be something to consider. Also you may want to think about how much money, and what kind of materials that you would like as well:)


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      a little help.

      I make Regalia for the girls around here, and the best way ive found to make a dress is to find a similar pattern at Jo Annes or Wal Mart and simply make that. A simple A line dress (a dress with no pleats, that flows out from the hips) always looks so nice. you can applique it if you like, or you can leave it plain. i use canvas for Leggings and the yoke (also refered to as a cape) the easiest for girls to put on and take off are ovals with circles cut in for their heads to slip through. Vests are nice too (so they can take it off when they eat. Ive lost many a yokes because of snow cones) the shawl is easy, you take the measure ment from finger tip to finger tip and then from neck to about mid thigh for smaller girls or about knee length for older girls (you can shorten or lengthen depending on how long you want the fringe) If you want you materials to be washable, use Casa Satin (its at Joannes and there are a lot of nice colors) its machine washable which is nice for younger girls. :) also if you use 1/4 inch ribbon and singe the ends with a lighter, they wont frey and you can wash them too. If you use a cheaper satin, it can be dry cleaned. if you need anymore help you can PM me. good luck!


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        I'd start with a shawl. I don't know how much sewing experience you have but basically you hem a rectangle of fabric and add ribbon or chainette fringe to three edges. The width should be from fingertip to fingertip with the arms outstretched. Length can vary but knee-length is a good ballpark. If you can't sew, you can find someone to make a shawl for a reasonable price. Your little girl can then dance with it while you are making the rest of her outfit. Good luck!


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          this thread is helpin me too im makin two for my little cousins and then ive gotta start one for me!!!
          keep the suggestions comin! :)


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            Originally posted by Czechy
            I'd start with a shawl.
            Same here! Actually, I start on my beadwork first, but when my eyes get tired, I bust some tail on my shawl.... then I go for the skirt, then the leggings, and the pain in the booty Mocs LAST!
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