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what to learn to fancy for MIW pagent

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  • what to learn to fancy for MIW pagent

    Hey guys,

    im going to run in the Miss Indian World pagent and I would much rather dance Fancy Shawl instead of Traditional Cloth... I live in Sarasota, FLorida and it is really hard to find someone that will be able to teach me... I have until April to learn and make my dress but I think I should start looking for a teacher or a really good video on how to dance so I don't make a fool out of myself, my family, and my tribe!!!! If you know of anyone that lives close to me or of any good websites that sell a video please let me know... I would really appreciate the help!!!
    Since I am a first generation dancer I am sorta in the dark with everything... I grew up in powwows but I was only able to learn to dance Tradish. Cloth...
    Anyway thanks for your help

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