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a singers question to the ladies.

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  • a singers question to the ladies.

    As a singer, I sang all types of songs, and got no problem singing them.

    But I want to know if the womens fancy shawl dancers prefer.

    at numerous pow-wows the arena diretor ask's for a double crow hop.

    so my question is............

    which do you prefer....

    foot slide(crow hop) single beat


    Double beat crow hop.

    ...GoT GreaSe?...


  • #2
    i myself perfer the double beat.
    RePPin thAt IcE wOlF**<3 maDD loVe fER thA crEw <33 dReamma **


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      i ..........

      luv double beats!!!
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        im old school so i like to see womens fancy dance to 2 straight songs, one medium to see the foot work and one fast to see their crow hop, doublebeat, sneak-up <----yes, i seen this sung for womens and teens fancy. just my 2 cents


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          double beat crow hop


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            I don't like double beat crow hop. I would rather have 2 straight songs or a straight and then a crop hop. NO FOOT SLIDE!! I think it's really hard to judge a double beat crow hop. Everyone looks the same and what the judges are looking for is your footwork and your speed. This is Fancy Shawl, not traditional!


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              I like 2 straight songs. Medium fast and fast! A crow hop is ok. If someone wants a double-beat, have it AFTER 2 straight songs or a straight song and a crow hop as a third song. I'm olde skool too, not just olde.


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                It's all about the straight songs!!


                • #9
                  i love all of it! i love crow hops and dbl beats! I wish i would get more shakes... but whatever... its all good!

                  i like the varied contest... shake it up a bit!

                  But if you must... 2 straight songs would work too... as long as im dancin... im happy!
                  Love the Dance...
                  Feel the Drum


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                    Just new to the pow wow scene. can u explain the difference between the singel beat & double beat crow hop? thanks


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                      The dance for a double beat crow hop is more structured. not so much freedom in steps. it is not flamboyant. it is a small step and very basic... although hard for some ppl to get at first.

                      The single beat is more relaxed... the beat is slower but you can step and jump how you want...

                      i dont know if i worded this right... or what? maybe i need help to, eh? lol
                      Love the Dance...
                      Feel the Drum


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                        Double beat, double beat, double beat! I LOVE watching fancy shawlers do the double beat. I wish I could see it more in my home state but we don't get alot of Northern singers here.
                        Don't ever stop dancing


                        • #13
                          Miss Rose Greene kicks out an awesome Double!!
                          you could call hers... a TRIPLE DOUBLE!

                          honestly... i almost stopped dancing my contest... just so i could watch her!!

                          Rose! you are the SHIZZZZZ!!!
                          Love the Dance...
                          Feel the Drum


                          • #14
                            I luv the Double Beat!!!

                            Just this past weekend we went up to a powwow. I watched the women's fancy do this on their third contest. Have to say that I was cheering them on and wished I had a camcorder cuz this one lady did it really well...


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