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    Wow i haven't been in here forever it took me a long time to figure out how to start a dog-gone thread, well i did it!!! Anyways, I had stopped logging onto because I had to spread my wings and fly out of my mothers nest and into the world. I had enlisted into the military and therefore i went to basic training, onto learning my job, then on to my new base and settling in and the whole trying to get situated into my new life. Along the way due to the fact that I was overwhelmed by my new life and the location that i got thrown into I had not had the chance to go to as many powwows that i would love to attend and had to post-pone the starting of making a new fancy shawl. I had left my daughter with my mother for a while due to being a single mother and my work schedule being so hectic. One day my mother took her to a powwow and now that my daughter is a bit older she is now really observing and taking in things. So after that my daughter is always, "mom, make me a dress so i can be a beautiful indian girl and so i can dance. pleeeeeeeeaase" and she is inspiring me to get back into going to powwows and dancing. So after my whole story here is my question and my plea to a lot of you to please help me out in any way you can. I live in the middle of no where in Missouri now, and i have no idea where to go to or where to start making myself and my daughter fancy shawl regalia. So if any of you have any suggestions as to who I may go to or a website that can help me with the outfits please let me know!!!!!! My daughter and I are Chiricahua apache and cherokee to be a bit more specific cause i know that the styles of regalia are different depending on what nation you are from. Thank you all so much in advance.
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