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  • What Would You Do??

    I went to a powwow (nameless) recently and danced in the competition (womans fancy)...

    After our songs on saturday night, i seen that my good friend judged our competition... this only surprised me because her SISTER is dancing against me...

    I didnt know what to do... so i didnt DO anything. I kinda talked about it a little, but didnt do anything. i dont know if she put her sister up for first, which she did not deserve. or if she put me up at all...being her friend... i dont know if i should have asked to re-dance that sessions songs or what... probably. The sister did end up with third place... and i dont think that she is all that... but who am i? seems like she just started dancing on beat... anyways...

    what would you have done?
    Love the Dance...
    Feel the Drum

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    who wins as much as they should?

    undefinedYou don't place as much as you should, but who does?

    you shouldn't have done anything.... it probably happens more than you know.

    there are sooo many times that i'm judging and have to pass my ballot off because YOUR dancing... but that's my choice and my principle.

    who wouldn't want to judge womens fancy!

    don't take contest too seriously!
    you're a good dancer.
    believe that for yourself, not how others judge anyway...


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