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How to attach fringe?

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  • How to attach fringe?

    Hi, new to powwows but not to fabric and clothing construction, but I haven't been able to find anything to tell me how chainette fringe is attached to the shawl. Can anyone explain it to me or point me to some instruction somewhere? Thanks.

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    The way that i was taught to do it was with a crochet hook in a small size. you punch it through your fabric and the fold your fringe in half over the hook then pull it through the fabric. After it is through you can take the ends of the fringe pull it through the loop that you made and tighten it. Another possible way is to use an upolstry needle to thread it through the fabric.


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      Thanks very much, Josiahswife. That's something what pictures I've seen look like, but I couldn't be sure.


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        you can also use big crafting needles to pull it thru then tie it, depends on what style knots you are using


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