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  • shawl measurements?

    Hi all,
    I am in the process of designing a new shawl for Shawl Dancing. My last Fancy Shawl I made was a weee bit to long, as I went with more of a traditional length. Like 54 x something inches. It worked out great arm length wise, but, I always had to fold the top over by several inches to keep from tripping on it, or from wrapping my ribbon around my ankles while spinning. LOL. Anyways, whats the most comfortable length wise (up and down) for a Shawl? And Ribbon is around 28 inches (14 inch after folded). Does this sound right? Also, how far from the top corners (hand grabber area) until I start adding the Ribbon? My last shawl, I didnt know about the hand-grabber area, and its fully ribboned on three sides. This time I chose just plain ole thin Wal-Mart material, and grabbed me some Wonder Under to add my designs, and alla that good stuff.
    Any help would be wonderful!
    The colors I chose this time are nice, contrasting colors that I woulda never thought I would have ever picked, but, here I am, and all I can say, is if its a Rainy Muddy Pow Wow, my lime greed Converse will match nicely LOL!
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    Hello Fellow Shawler, For the length of your shawl it depends on how tall you are. I usually have someone help me measure to either the back of my knee or a couple inches above it. And as for ribbon, i measure from the back of my knee to the ground. I have made shawls that had longer ribbon, this adds weight but i love having long ribbon, but then i usually have to fold the top of my shawl. I'm only just north of 5' so everything is pretty small for me. Hopefully this helps you out. OH and for where you start adding your ribbon for your holding point, i usually put my ribbon about halfway down the sides of the shawl. Good luck!


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      Thank you so much! Your info has helped me. Im between 5'7 and 5'9 tall, so, I guess the length would vary. But, thank you so much. Do you do your shawl with the squared corners, or do you do the kinda rounded edges? Im use to the squared, but have seen alot with the rounded.
      Again, thanks!
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        I've been searching online for supplies to make a dance shawl and ran across this "how to" sheet on a powwow supply company's web site:

        It gives some info on measurements and supply requirements...
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          I like to do my length from the top of the shoulders to about an inch below the butt with ribbom from there to the ankle. The width I do from finger tip to finger tip when arms at straight out to the sides. The ribbon on the sides I usually just do to the point where you grab when dancing so there's no bunched up ribbon. Happy sewing!!!!
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            Myshawls usually come about 3" below my butt and the ribbon I do 46" (23" holded). For me that gives it a great look while spinning and I don't trip on it. Also a great place to get ribbon is they have dozens of colors including neon, and their not expensive, about $9.00 for 100 yd spool. The only thing is you have to order at least $20 worth.
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              Thanks Ladies!

              Thank you all so much for your comments. I will be sure to check out the ribbon place , and the how to link. I've already started onmaking the geometric designs, and using wonderunder to attach to other colored material. (goin' for that layers geometric thing). And, so far, that part is doing ok. My original Fancy Shawl was the first I made, and I will always carry it with - as it has alot of meaning behind it. But, am needing something new as well. Thanks again!
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                This is my first Fancy Shawl - the one I am currently dancing. It means alot to me - as it does tell a story.
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