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    I am back for those of you who used to tease me when I used "Ahpi Shikopa". No, my name hasn't changed, but I decided that if you were going to tease me with "Autumn Apple Princess," I might as well use the name. No hard feelings to anyone anymore.

    Anyway, for those of you who DO know why I came to the boards in the first place, I'll let you know what happened. The conference I went to was great and there were three great Native girls there. One I had met previously and two new girls. Londi (sp?) was/is/whatever from the Rosebud(?) Res. I'm not positive if it was Rosebud, I don't remember, but it was South Dakota. In any case, she goes to school in Wisconsin and was there for the conference. We learned a lot from each other and it was great. Katy and Londi both fancy danced for the talent show like I planned to do. I did not dance for the talent show, but we had some powwow music with us and they taught me a bit. Now I practice whenever I get the chance.

    Because of that (and I've moved in with a friend who's mother is a seamstress), I am learning to bead and sew. Cindy (my mothers friend) thought we could use Simplicity's adult "Indian Costume" pattern to make my outfit. I gave her a pretty funny look. Not saying that Simplicity is bad, thats just not what I want my outfit to looklike. Unfortunately, neither Cindy nor I can sew without a pattern (make slight adjustments yes, sew a complete outfit, no). I have an idea what colors and patterns for beading/applique I want to use, but can someone help with either where to find a pattern for the skirt/top/leggings/etc. or how I can make my own?


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    Unfortunatly there arent to many patterns for Fancy Shawl outfits.
    Not even the *costume* outfits by simplcity are not good examples. I have found that a lot of the girls i make outfits for like a simple style of skirt with a vest or yoke. I've used regular style skirt patterns. Just choose one that is longer (past your knees). You can chose one with a flair (ruffle) for extra kick room, or you can get a plain a line skirt (its like a straight skirt, but it eases out a little at the bottom so its a little roomier at the bottom so you can do your kicks and stuff. A vest will give you a nice put together look, and you can chose a vest style you like. However, you will want to add a piece at the shoulders so that it hangs over the back of your shawl. (does that make sence?) I use a lot of Bias Tape so i dont have to deal with interfacings and hems, and it gives a really nice look. A shawl size is determined by the lenght you want it. some girls like them shorter with LONG ribbon, others like shorter ribbon with a bigger shawl. but in general you will want to measure from fingertip to fingertip (For a wingspan measurement) then add a few inches (in case you grow) then measure from the base of your neck down to about your mid thigh. you may want help with this :)

    Now, For leggings Ive seen a few styles, but the kind i make for the girls here are kind of a butterfly shape, but not really. ;)
    anyways measure around the fatest part of your calf. then add 2 inches, then measure around your anckel add 2 1/2 inches. now measure from the bottom of your knee down to the part where your leg meets your foot. now you should have measurements that will give you a triangular shape. fold it in half (this is where the butterfly shape comes in) round off the part where you knee is at, and the top of your foot. just a little so it doesnt rub. also you can round off the back behind the knee so that again it doesnt rub or bother you when you sit. also at the back of your heel. I sometimes put a zipper at the back. I recomend a seperating zipper because its easier to sew down. It also makes it easy to come off and put on. I recomend using a piece of newspaper to make your pattern (because if you dont like it you can throw it away (or recycle) and start over. Just make sure you like the fit in the newspaper before you cut anything :)

    I use duck material (its also called canvas) to make the leggings out of. Its a heavier material and tends to stand up well on its own. (you wont have to worry about them falling down) You could also use it for your vest as a stable base for your applique, however it could be a tad warm.... but then again so is satin, and i use that a lot. If you have anymore questions, feel free to pm me. Check out my gallery, I make the jingle dress and grass outfit that are on the kids. (Bethany and Niijii)

    I'll post a pic of the leggings, just so you can see what i mean about the shape. :)



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      wow I wanna se how do I get there to see the pics of leggings and shawls . I use to have to pay someone to make them but now i wanna learn.
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        Pic's Posted

        I posted the pics of the leggins last night they are in my personal galleries. click on galleries up on the blue ribbon at the top of the page. This will bring you up to the gallery main page, i have a lot of pics up there right now because i posted a lot last night. :)
        Anyways if someone else happens to post pictures you can look in the member galleries and and choose my name, Niijii'sMom and you will see a lot of work that i did. There are a few of dancers i took at a pow wow, but i tell if i did the work or not.

        I dont have a pic of the shawls because i dont have one i can take a picture of here in Florida. I do have an example of one in Michigan and i can post it in about 2 weeks when i return.

        Good Luck and have fun!


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          This is the pattern that I want to either applique or quilt onto my outfit. I don't remember where I got the basic idea from, but it kind of shows the colors I was looking at too (well, at least as close to colors I could get with colored pencils in the middle of composition class! LOL). I want the diamonds and fringe in satin. Speaking of ribbon fringe though, can anyone give me tips on how to do that? I know how to hand tie regular fringe, but cant find anywhere on how to do ribbon.

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            colors and pic

            That will be really pretty when its done!
            You can tie ribbon the same way as chinette fringe (pull thorugh and like "knot" or pull it through and loop it over its self. Or you can sew it in (its what i like to do because i dont like the way the ribbon bunches, but is a personal thing) You can use an awl or a small chrochet hook to help you poke the ribbon through.

            I'll post a pic of the shawl with up close of the ribbon in my gallery later (like monday or tuesday)



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              Patterns?? What the heck are those?? lol, Jk...

              I never use patterns, I dont care for the way they turn out most of the time. A good way to do it is by eye and doing your own mesurements. Thats the only way my stuff turns out for me..

              I hate patterns...

              sewing the ribbon on does work best, it dosent bunch dosent take as long and turns out more uniform. Burn the ends so it dosent fray either... Good luck


              Some guys are good with their drum sticks.... and some just arent...:karate:


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                Ok, I was trying to figure out the whole apple thing so I went back and checked the archives. Change your name girl! There is no way in heck you're an apple! Whoever called you that is really ignorant. I say this because your light skinned. An apple is someone who is red on the outside but white inside. In other words acts white but is definitely indian by looks!!
                I hope you find some good advice on here and can get your gear together!! Good luck with everything!!


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