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do you guys remember flat fringe?

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  • do you guys remember flat fringe?

    Does anybody know where to get this now? I used to have a sourse but, not no more. This stuff was so cool. It was so much lighter than ribbon fringe. I'm just feeling nostalgic.:Angel: Do you guy's miss it also?

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    I posted a similar thread a while back but I guess no one knew where to get it. I really like that fringe too. My mom used to order it from New York but she can't remember the name of the company.


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      Buffalo Chips out of Billings MT. Used to have it. Haven't checked in awhile.:(


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        There is another thread in this section about this same fringe. I can't find this fringe anywhere !! Checked w/ people I used to buy it from (at Gathering of Nations 2 wks. ago) and they tell me it's no longer available to them. I wish we could find a source......I want 2 colors: pacific blue and royal blue. I have several spools of other colors. Always used this fringe for Miss Indian World shawls.
        Steve Eagles is another one that used to carry it but, no more.


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          I just found about 15 colors of flat fringe listed on the following website !!! I sent them an email to see if all the colors are in stock.


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            Did anyone else have trouble with this website? It wouldn't go past the search page so I didn't get to see the colors.


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              The company in NY where I get mine from is called FarberBraid. I can't find the address right now, but you might be able to get it through information.
              Becky G.



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                i LOVE flat fringe.... ribbon is sucky...


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                  Originally posted by waleli
                  I just found about 15 colors of flat fringe listed on the following website !!! I sent them an email to see if all the colors are in stock.
                  That's not the fringe I was thinking.


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                    OMG! I'm soo happy I found this fringe I'm gonna order mine right now!


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                      Farber Braid company

                      I have the address and phone number to Farber Braid Co. 194 West 36th St. NY, NY
                      Phone: 212.967.6540
                      I never did buy from there but a friend of mine does and she showed me a chart that they sent to her of a lot of different colors. Let us know if this works!! I know flat fringe is hard to find out West!!


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                        Flat Fringe

                        Flat Fringe is soo nice, but can get rather expensive. I think Sioux Trading carries some, but I get mine from Maka Suta's from a rez here in SD..will get the number if anyone really wants it...gotta find it I think she charges like 23 dollars a spool or something like that..they make star quilts and what not too...all kinds of colors for the fringe too.

                        Shelley Bointy uses it on her shawls and it looks soo nice, Lisa Ewalk uses it too...I love Gracie's shawls cause hers are woven at the top..looks very nice!!


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                          I have some shawls that are around 20 yrs. old w/ flat fringe on them so, it's been around for awhile ! Was able to find royal blue and green while in Okla. a few weeks ago but, store was closing out of it - they said they couldn't find a supplier anymore. Only place I know is Sioux Trading Post in Rapid City. I was thinking about contacting that Farber co. to see what they might have.



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