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Headband technics?

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  • Headband technics?

    I am half way through doing my niece first Fancy outfit. She had decided that she wanted a matching headband. Or at least try it. I guess pretty much all the fancy dancers wear one these days, including jingles.
    I never really liked it for myself and therefore never tried to find out how to make one. I asked a friend of mine to explain it to me and it seems that it is pretty much applique work.
    However, if anyone could post some tips I would be grateful for the extra info.
    Thank you.

    Inila ye! Imaputakaye!!

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    My daughter made hers out of canvas - doubled and cut to the shape she wanted, then edged with bias tape.

    She applique stitched it right to the edge. is what it is...


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      Thank YOU!!

      Hello again Wyo Rose

      Thank you again for your advise. I thought it was something to that effect! I will try to come up with something modern and cool for her. I just hope that she will be happy with it, as I have two other different regalias to do after this one.

      I really appreciate your help!

      Inila ye! Imaputakaye!!


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        I'm sure it will be cool. Try to post a pic if you get a chance. is what it is...


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          If I get there!!!

          Well Wyo Rose, I might not have to make it after all... She might have changed her mind again. She wants some hair clips on each side. The right side with one plume....So... ... I will wait til she really really truly madly makes up her mind before starting anything.

          I am half way through beading the bib. Claws and heart done in applique. Starting white background in lazy stitch today (hooray!! )

          PS: Have posted a reply on the dummy on the bib thread...However, last time I checked it still did not find its way back from cyber space....
          Inila ye! Imaputakaye!!


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