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    I have some questions of you eancy shawl dancers. my sister is 8 and whats to start fancy shawl i need some advice on about every thing from dancin gto make the outfit. any pictures any thing really
    Thanks for all your Help
    much love keep the beat alive

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    this is just a small piece of advice from what i've seen in the changing rooms...

    since she's 8, she probably has a couple of growth spurts coming up-- you might consider making her leggings back closing so the beadwork on the front stays the same and you can increase the size of the leggings from the back w/out changing the overall look of the outfit much. take this in account, too, when making the rest of the outfit; you want to leave yourself room to let it out (and don't use the smalles stitch on the machine) or create the base part of the garment from more inexpensive fabric..

    --murphy's law of creating children's regalia is they hit their next growth spurt a week after the outfit is complete!--

    hope this helps!
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      as far as pictures go, you can check in the gallleries here and at
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