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Honor beats and the last step?

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  • Honor beats and the last step?

    hey's been awhile since I've danced and am getting back into it. Anyhow, my questions are:
    1) how do you recognize an honor beat and what are you supposed to do during it, and
    2) how do you anticipate the last drum beat so that you can stop with that beat? Obviously, we don't know every song, so there has to be a method...thanks for the help! I've forgotten a lot since I used to dance!!
    -- Sarah

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    You should be able to recognize the honor beats during the song. Those will be the beats that sound louder then the rest in parts of the song - normally near the middle/end of a push up. Alot of girls will either start there spins or do there super fancy footwork during the honor beats.
    As far as anticipating the end of a song..... that can be a tough one, try to pay attention to how many push-ups are being sung, most songs end after 4 push-ups (not all though)
    And most songs will end with a bump bump bump (3 beats that have the same loudness/sound as the honor beats) - when you hear something that sounds like that, work on practicing moves that can be easily stopped on the last beat, just in case its the end of the song, but, also try to make it a move to where if the Drum keeps going, you can keep going, and make it look good.
    I hope this helps some, and I look forward to what the other ladies have to say. :)
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      honor beats are louder and harder!! they really stand out!! and i totally agree with kamama about having a move to use just incase it's a trick song!! nothing is worse than being JUKED in front of an entire arena... u hear the crowd go "ooooh!" i would recommend listening to songs... and learning that way... taht's the only way to learn!!!

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        thanks ladies

        it all sounds familiar to me! just have to get back into the game, lol! Thanks for your replies!


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          It's a bit hard to concentrate while you are out there but if you listen to the Lead, then to the end of the push up, you should be able to catch the end of the song. I know some people aren't good at catching the melodies or words to songs, and even though I am good at catching words and also sing myself this is still hard to do for me, but this way is a bit more reliable than listening to the beat alone ( which is actually a better indicator for trick songs!) The best thing is yes, to listen to lots of powwow songs!
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