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  • ladies with applique?

    Those of you who have applique on your Shawls, do you stick with a single layer of material for the main shawl body, or do you double up with a second layer of material for the inside to cover up sewing stitches? Those who do single layer fabric with applique, what do you use, or how do you apply your applique so no stitches show through the inside of your shawl?
    Just curious....
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    Hi Kamama,

    Long time no see!

    My Grammy and Mother taught me to appliqué so that both sides look like they were finished off. What you need to do is instead of tying knots, is that you finish off the ends of thread by working them back through the stitches. (like you do in beading) I would also suggest also that you use a piece of heavy duty fusible pelon (cut to shape) to keep the piece looking good longer.


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      I double layer- the inside layer is usually a really thin type of material. light cotton usually. But some sequin material is too stretchy with a thin layer, so then i use a thicker piece- whatever feels the right weight.
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        I used two layers on my daughter's stuff I'm just finishing. The inside layer is a light to med weight calico
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          I make shawls both ways. I sometimes make reversible shawls with or without applique on each side but more often I make shawls with only one layer/side. For one-layer shawls, I'll use gabardine, heavy to medium-weight cotton mixes, crepe-backed satin or other medium-weight synthetic fabric. Some people use 100% cotton for kid's shawls but I do not, since it tends to wrinkle.

          When you sew your appliques on, if you match your bobbin thread to the color of your shawl fabric, the stitching will barely show. If sewn neatly, there is no need to line a shawl for that purpose. But if you are using some lightweight material, then it is a good idea to line with another layer to give it more body and strength. Check out the tutorials in the Crafts forum for detals on how to do applique.


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            how do you guys sew the layers of the shawl together? just by the hems? what about the space in the middle? do you fuse them together? my material is pretty light so im wondering how to add another piece of material to make it stronger?


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