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  • Yet another leggin' question

    It's me again, I'm trying not to be a bother asking questions here, but, I find myself puzzled. I went and got some pellon to make some new leggings with, and am wanting to actually attempt to make beaded leggings this time. I also picked up some canvas as well. Will either of these materials get ruined with rain? (we all know how the weather can be at pow wows). How can I protect my beadwork from weather damage? I use a thread conditioner & proctectant on my bead string, but, dont know how well it will hold up on legging and the yoke (am wanting to attempt beading that too).
    How do you peoples with beaded leggings attach your beadwork? Do you bead right on the pellon, then add the canvas behind to protect the strings? Do you bead on the canvas, then attach to the pellon, and add more canvas or softer material to the inside to protect the bead string? Do you even use canvas, or pellon? How do you do it? Im trying to figure it out, and figured I would start asking before I start beading. Thanks alot!
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    For fully beaded leggings, you need to have a sturdy substrate. I would cover the pellon with the canvas and bead right on it. Either turn the edges of the canvas over the pellon and stitch in place, or cover the raw edges with bias tape.

    Then when you're done, line with a cotton fabric.

    I wouldn't worry about the weather. Rain will ruin some buckskin, but it won't ruin cloth, thread or beads. Some canvas may shrink, so you could pre-shrink it before you use it. Pellon won't shrink.

    Your leggings are going to be exposed to sweat, which is why I don't recommend rubberized sheeting. The inside of my daughter's leggings are moldy after loaning them out to someone who wrapped them tightly after wearing them and didn't return them right away. UGH! is what it is...


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      Thank you so much for your reply, you have been a big help with all of my questions. I really appreciate it. I tried adding to your rep points, but it said I have to spread more rep before giving to you again. So, as soon as I can, I'll give ya some more. :)
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        Yep, I would bead directly on pre-shrunk canvas and then back that with Pellon and a cotton fabric. No need to worry about weather unless you plan to stand out in a downpour, lol! Canvas and Pellon are both breatheable so if something should get damp from rain or sweat, simply air it out as soon as you can and wait till its totally dry before storing away.


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          or you can use a paper bag, from the grocery store.


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