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  • a little confused

    i have a tiny question and it would help alot if the ladies here could give me some pointers...
    i have read a few answers where you ladies here prefer foot work rather then spin spin kick kick.
    what would be better to do though for competion? myself...i'm more about foot work then swinging my shawl all over the place lol...
    so ne body's input would be great...for those of you who missed the question it is
    what do you think is better for competion? footwork or swinging your shawl more?
    thanks and may the creator bless you in all that you do:)
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    well -- shawl swingin gets people to look at you so you gotta do some spinnin, but after a while it gets old. plus the footwork shows that ya go skills so im not quite sure what to tell ya but i think that footwork is more important than spins

    but that's just me


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      Footwork rocks. Do lots of it. Also, my goofball cousin says that judges look for shawl dancers to look like butterflies when they dance (if that helps at all)
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        Okay this is what i think....foot work shows your skills off and everything but spinning is also very important.....not that spinning where you look all wild and have to be graceful wit everything you do.....:Angel2


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          Your footwork with complimentary shawl movement is the key. You should look like you're floating on air, very light footed. You don't want to look like you're a stomp dancer! ;)

          Also, be able to dance backwards, sideways and move your shawl gracefully.

          You should move as a butterfly upon the the gentle summer breeze. - advice from my grandmother.
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            If I'm spinning, I'm trying to concentrate on showing off my shawl. After that I kick it up a bit to show I've got skills.
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