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bout double beat n old style crow hop?

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  • bout double beat n old style crow hop?

    hey fancy shawlers

    i gots questioned bout the double beat and old style crow hop. Are they the same dance or not? Can someone plz explain how they r danced? I've seen the double beat before and tried to dance but don't know exactly how to do it hehe. thanx for all ur help.......key-le-la:confused
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    i FINALLY learned how to actually DO a double beat, but i'm not really sure about the difference...ive seen girls dance old style crow hop and other girls double beat during the same i dunno. i ve never competed to a double beat song but ive never really seen it for teen categories, mostly for adult categories. some day.... :)


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      Many tribes imitate-adapt-recreate the crow hop. When other tribes do it, they "imitate" this Crow dance. So in essence, it is danced to a double beat (when a non-Crow does it).

      Males and Females from the Crow Tribe dance THEIR style according to their gender. They even compete with each other according to their gender.

      When I judge dancers to Crow Hop, I look for someone who knows what they are doing. When a double beat song is sung - how well they "imitate" the Crow style of dance.

      I hope this helps.
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        DB! 2 thums up

        Double Beats and crow hop songs ROCK! This is my song right here. DB get :Thumbs :Thumbs
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          hey umm on the crow hop and double beat the crop hop u kinda like dance a lil higher than usual but dont that many steps as u would a regular song. the double beat u skid on ur heels and move toward ur toes it gets easier first u might wanna try walking through it gettin the feel and then try with music then u should basically have it.

          ~*GOOD LUCK*~


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            Originally posted by key-le-la View Post
            hey fancy shawlers

            i gots questioned bout the double beat and old style crow hop. Are they the same dance or not? Can someone plz explain how they r danced? I've seen the double beat before and tried to dance but don't know exactly how to do it hehe. thanx for all ur help.......key-le-la:confused
            well about the double beat is hard to explain but the old style crow hop is to sorta kinda imitate a crow jumping around. When you watch the jumping around look at the way the head movement goes, that is the main reason why its called the crow hop.

            This is as much as i know sorry key-le-la......out, dee


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              On that note does any one know of any good double beat videos on the web? That might help. I know the crow hop, but still not quite clear on the double beat.


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                I haven't been to too awful many powwows and I'm just learning the straight dance step for fancy shawl and the crow hop. How often do you hear a crow hop song for fancy shawl versus a straight song? Is it pretty much 50/50 or is it going to vary by location, northern vs. southern? Forgive me for sounding like a greenhorn here (but I kinda am).


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                  I was at a powwow this past weekend and they had the women's n/s tradish dance a double beat crow hop for the 2nd song. I am really bad at dancing it even though several of my friends who are Crow have tried to teach me! So props to the ladies who can do this style!!


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                    I like agood crow hop Its a real treat watching when there's folks who know what they are doing.
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                      When I started dancing I ws always real nervous about doing crow hop & then one day I decided the heck with it & just went out there & tried to copy the other Women, I grew to love doing the crow hop, double I picked up the next year. I still always follow a more expierenced dancer so it was funny when a Woman asked me how last weekend, funny thing is I discovered I can only really do a good job if I can hear the song. Anyway my point is, everyone here has got great advice but your only going to figure it out if you go out there & give it your all & not worry about someone seeing you screw up at first & ALWAYS follow someone who is more expierenced then you, now, 15 years from now whatever, ther is always someone better & if you watch them, you'l get better too.


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                        Gladys Jefferson is my favorite person to watch Crow dance


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                          well the old style crow hop its more of a skip...and hop...kinda...but i dunno about the double beat I'm still learning
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                            The Double beat is a small skip. It took me a while to learn it. If your dancing fancy shawl they expect you to be FANCY, so added footwork and spins are a plus. But first you should learn the basic. And on a crow hop, i just dance...i dunno how to explain that one. Its a larger skip, spins, and footwork. Takes a while to get used to both of them.


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                              Double beat is pretty much the only dance us Shawlers can land on our heels. You start off on your heels, kinda skid them, and end on your flat feet. Wow, this is hard to explain. One beat, on heels, other beat, on feet. (double-beat) We kinda get to strut out stuff on the double-beat. But, of course in a girly manner :)
                              I hope this helps....
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