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  • questions and help please

    okay my 9 yr old sister just had an out fit made for her by one of my friends and i'm wondering what would be better for her at this point bead work or something else if anyone has any ideas that would be a great help

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    A beaded set can be very versatile depending on the colors and pattern/design you use. Plus, the dancer can use it for long after she grows out of her outfit.

    As for moccs, leggings and the yoke, I'd hold off on that untill she is at an age where she won't be growing out of them every month. Unless, of course, you plan on handing them down to another little girl.

    My advice would be to stick to earrings, hairties/barrettes, choker and drop for now. Work on moccs, leggins and yoke later. :)
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      I agree with Jibby! Just have the small stuff beaded so that when she grows outta the leggings and stuff she can still use her beaded stuff! I would just do a really nice applique outfit or maybe a sequined outfit.


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        yep yep Jibby be right on da money there ...
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          thanks for the advice
          much love


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            What beaded

            What do you want beaded? The outfit your friend made did she just make her the skirt and shawl? A blouse if she doe not already have one?
            Or did she sew up everything? One of my first outfits we sort of sewed/appliqued lot of it. When I turned 8 always had beaded projects going on. Always had at least a yoke going on so I could have choice. Than at the same time mom was sewing up a matching shawl. Good thing about sewing you can usually sew up a new one or add stuff in about a week. When you (if) compete it is a better advantage if you have beaded accesories. So it's good if your daughter is learning to sew now you can bead together and always update her outfits.
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              Something you might consider. When my girls were smaller, I beaded applique designs on baby pad material then attached it to their yolks. That way, I could remove the pieces as they grew, and put it on their new yolks. When you change their designs you can always attach the old beadwork to something else.


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                Also, depending on size of girl, too much beadwork can be heavy for a beginning dancer. I'd have to agree with beading the small stuff though, to give her some coordinating pieces, but you could probably applique the rest for now. Also, moving beadwork idea noted, there are some ways to extend beadwork as a girl grows. By tacking up some extra material, such as at the bottom of a skirt or at the bottom of a harness for a yoke, these items can be extended later and you can even add rows of beadwork or sequins to such items later. Just some ideas I used recently when helping to build a set for a friend of mine's 9 yr. old sis.
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