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Making the second shawl

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  • Making the second shawl

    So I'm making my second outfit, and what I've learned from the experience with my first shawl is...the lighter the better! My shawl is soooo heavy. It's two pieces of satin folded together with 1/2" ribbon all the way around, but the ribbon is so close together that there's a lot of it. Also my shawl is too long width wise. I'd appreciate some advice.

    How long left to right should the shawl be? Middle finger to middle finger I'm 70 inches long. Also length wise, how long should it be? I'm 5"10, and from my feet to just under my bum, I'm 34". Should it end just under my bum or mid thigh? I have longggg limbs lol

    Also, I'm considering using 1" ribbon, but I might stick with 1/2". How far apart do you recommend placing them?
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    Try using only one layer of satin or fabric for your next shawl. Just be aware that too light a material will not give you nice "flow" as it moves. Fringe only the bottom edge and half way up the two sides. I would lay your ribbons right next to each other with no space between and sew them down. You can use a single layer of ribbons for a lighter shawl. As far as dimensions, you gotta cover the bum. That would be minimum. But the width can be somewhere between the bum and the knee. Your length is correct, from fingertips to fingertips. That's what I recommend....


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      I always line them. I do like some weight to it & a liner looks nice but I use light material for the lining such as a lining material or one of those sparkle materials etc. and only use the satin on the outside.


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        for me 1" ribbon or even 1/2" is just 2 thick of ribbon... i like 1/4" or even 1/8"... but yes.. cover the unze ... so if you like to put your arms up alot and throw ur shawl.. then i'd say longer.. so when you do that... ur bum stays covered (for the most part)

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          I agree with ballin, 1' and 1/2' I think are way too thick. I would go with the same, u can usually buy think spools at like hobby lobby, walmart, joannes, ect. It's usually cheaper too! For the bottom I would lay the ribbion side by side, on the sides of the shawl I usually give a quarter of inch between them on the sides, it's lighter and I think it helps the shawl keep it's shape when your dancing, especially turning. Good Luck! I would love to see pics when it's done
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            with the ribbon I also use 1/4 & 1/8. But i cut the ribbon dubble long, fold in 1/2 and lay it on a strip of tape. I lay them out side by side. When I'm done a strip I fold the tape over (securing them all together. When I have enough I sew the strips inside bias tape & attach to shawl. I think it's the easiest way and it looks great! I like it nice and full.


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