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Same dress for fancy and jingle?

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  • Same dress for fancy and jingle?

    I am going to post this in both the jingle and fancy shawl boards, so please excuse the repeat.

    My daughter is three and has been dancing this year but I am thinking of making her a jingle dress because that is what I dance and she wants a dress like mine. However, she often says she wants to dance like a butterfly and use her fancy shawl. I had the idea of making her a rather simple dress that she could use for both. I would make the apron/cape style of jingle dress to go over it and then a yoke and shawl for fancy shawl. Has anyone ever seen anything like that before? Would it be acceptable since she is so little? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I should also add in there that we don't do competition powwows at all.

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    I seen a girl this past weekend near where I live dancing at a state park powwow dance demonstration with just the style of dress you are describing. She had a simple dress with a type of apron dress over the other.

    I think that would be fine. I like the idea of being able to go between either style especially since your daughter is so young. It's more convenient.


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      Look and see if you can find some photos from a Women's all around competition- you dance all 3 (or 4 or 5 styles depending on where you live) of women's dance as part of the comp.
      I have seen this type of outfit fo these competitions.


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        I did not know they had a womens all around competition at some powwows. That is cool...


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          What about doing something like a pinafore overlaying the shawl dress. The pinafore would have jingles on it. That might work. Another idea would be a wrap around skirt with the jingles that could be put over and tied on the side over the shawl dress. They would need to coordinate in color but it might work out fine.


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            I answered this over in the jingle forum.
            That's what happens when I don't read the forums top to bottom order!


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