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  • fancy shawl footwork

    My daughter wants to learn how to fancy dance ol skool or new. She's 3 and i'm almost done regalia. I myself don't know how to dance the fancy or anythin for that matter. I was hoping someone could direct me to where I can learn so i can teach my daughter.

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    Go to a few PowWows and watch the dancers.


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      Originally posted by klotasfeather View Post
      Go to a few PowWows and watch the dancers.

      This is the best advice you can give.

      I don't fancy shawl dance either.

      My little one is 2 years old. I just put her little shawl on, wind her up, and put her in the arena and she takes over from there!

      She doesn't have the best rhythm yet, but it will come. I don't expect her to do any choreographed steps. I am mainly concerned that she has fun and get's comfortable in the powwow arena.
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        I agree, with Klotas & Whome (especially about having fun) and at that young age they are not worried about image or "am I doing it right" so they get out there & just do it, they pick up what the bigger girls are doing to. It's a great age to learn.

        One thing to add though. Make your own regalia (learn from more expierenced dancers all the teachings etc) & dance with your daughter. I always wonder about parents sitting on the side lines telling there kids to go dance while they sit their as$ in a chair. Not exactly teaching by example. You may not have the energy for Fancy Shawl, but you can still learn to dance with your child.
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          Hey there,

          Depending where you live, there are also powwow dance classes offered, through Head Start, and local inner city bands, and MFS might have some places for you to go. (metis Family services) They offer a community and support and many life-long freindships come out of classes like that!

          LOL I agree with SuzzQ4 as well, lol, learning with your child. Youtube helps too. :D Lots of the real deadly dancers are on youtube. My personal favourite is Bobbi Lynn Pratt and Shirley Hill.

          Cheers - J


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