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Feet surgery and dance advice

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  • Feet surgery and dance advice

    I’m hoping there are some lady dancers who can help me sort out my thinking. I’ve had Lapiplasty surgery on both feet. My feet problems are likely a combination of modern dancing and gymnastics until age 38. I have fancy danced over 25 years. Most of this is ball of feet. While I may have been hereditarily predisposed as well. So now, I’m not sure I can return to being the fancy dancer I was. I’m also 57. Do I continue to fancy dance more flat footed and therefore less energetic or do I become a Southern cloth dancer? Of course my outfits are all fancy and I’d have to start over there as well. I am conflicted. Thanks for chiming in.

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    It isn't really the look of it for us. For everyone else in the audience, yes... dancing looks just as beautiful. But it doesn't feel the same. Most of us are perfection driven, goal oriented personalities that are naturally focused on pristine landings, turn outs, leaps. It's a mastery. Once you've adjusted en pointe, your body feels like.. idk I can't describe it.
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