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    Help me please.
    I have attended local powwows and feel as if I have found "HOME". I would like to participate in the dances, but feel out of place without a shawl. Are there any requirements in the making of a shawl? as in length, type of fringe, and particularly symbolism. I do not wish to offend or be disrespect to the one place where I am so @ peace.
    Anyone's help will be greatly appreciated and you are thanked in advanced.

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    well the biggest requirement if you don't want to offend anyone is that you should be NDN., like actually NDN. I don't know you but if you are NDN then someone from your area should be able to point you towards a local community where you can take the time learning about the regalia, dancing, whats expected of a powwow dancer and other basic teachings. then when your ready these people will help you with what you need for your regalia. You could ignore all this but if you are NDN you will be glad in the end if you take your time and do it all properly, and someone from here is bound to know where your local community is.


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