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dancin to more contemp music?

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  • dancin to more contemp music?

    hey all, i have a question. i'm a fancy shawl dancer, and i'm in my school's pageant. for the talent portion i really want to fancy shawl dance, but i was wonderin if you guys think it would be ok to do it to more contemporary music. like not top 40 songs, but not powwow jamz? i was thinkin maybe something by ulali. would that be ok, or do i need to stick to powwow songs when i'm dancing in regalia?

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    Fancy Shawl dancing is the most comtemporary category of all the powwow dances. New innovations are being added every year.

    Already in the performing arts, powwow dancers have danced to rock music, symphony music, new age music etc. etc. etc.

    Dancing to music by Ulali would not be anything new.

    I hope this helps.
    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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      I agree with whome. Go for it, have a great time and show em all what dancing really looks like. No ones got the moves we all got


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        If ya want a sample of what could be done, PBS had a special on maybe 10 years ago, anyways it was a stage show some broadway producer put together that mixed pow-wow dancing, and some pow-wow music, with sort of contemporary dance music and an orchestra.


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