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Sagging Leggings - Search for the right material

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  • Sagging Leggings - Search for the right material

    I read a thread about leggings and tall mocs, which reminded me of an issue I've had to deal with. The problem I've had with my leggings is that they keep sagging as well. I used canvas as a base, with cotton lining and satin exterior, but when I sweat they get wet on inside and sag. I've hear hat craft foam works wonders, but eventually I would like to fully bead them and my mocs. Does anybody have any insight into this problem? Have you tried craft foam? Does it work with beading. I'm open to any advice. I've spent so many hours with trial-and-error on trying to construct my leggings correctly. I want to finish a good set of leggings so I can finally finish decorating them and hold onto them for longer than a month or two :-/
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    Crib sheeting works really good. Its stiff enough that it'll stand on its own but its like cotton so it isn't too hot.


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      i use

      before I start Gaaah you must sweat alot for that to happen
      ok. well I go like this.
      You know those liners that you can buy for a baby changing table. they are water proof leak proof? They come in different sizes. They are some what thick you can go either just that than tack down canvas then your bead work. Before you slip on leggings powder your leg and the inside of legging with baby powder or corn starch both are good for sweating and slipping.

      Or just use the baby water proof liner then sew right on your satin design. I have another fabric I use but i am having barain farts today and cant think. Will get back to you when this gas ends.

      good luck.
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        Okay, ;) I don't sweat THAT much, the sagging is not THAT noticeable...but I figured that if I tried to bead my current pair the sagging would be amplified, plus I want them to be sturdier...thanks for the advice. I'm going to make a trip this weekend for the material. I knew if I asked on here, somebody would have a wise solution...the ladies around here said canvas or craft foam and I knew there had to be another solution. Thanks.
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          Just go to Wally World and buy it...they sell it in the baby section in packages of about a 1/3 of a yard. :Thumbs


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            legging material

            or they sell that "crib sheeting" material by the yard at the fabric store!


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              just heat-n-bond the satin 2 the canvas it works it makes it stiff it's thin but it works or use wonder under that works pretty goot as well


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                Are your legings shaped like a rectangle

                If you angle your legings off, they fit better. Take the letter "W". Thats how it should be shaped. Then if you use serperating zippers, they make life way easier.:D


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                  Crib sheeting gets so sweaty that I'd advise against using it for leggings - after making my daughter's that way.

                  I agree with using Wonder-Under (or Heat and Bond if you can't find WU) and ironing on another layer of a stiff cotton on the inside.
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                    No sag leggings

                    Use vinyl placemats . They will never sag and you can bead the whole legging . I have done several for my grand daughter and they are still holding well. I washed one pair in the washing machine on gentle in a pillowcase. with good results. You can line them with cotton fabric if you sweat a lot. Buy the more sturdy , thicker ones. Shape them to your leg by measuring the widest part around your calf, ankle, and the length from behind your knee to your ankle. These leggings hold a zipper well. Hope this helps Email me if you need more info


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                      plastic canvas

                      Since posting this thread I've been searching around and I came across plastic know the big needlepoint stuff...anyways, I'm going to try this. It'll be tricky but I have some ideas. Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to respond.
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