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    I'm making my 8 year old daughter's newest outfit and she wants to dance Fancy this year. She has danced Jingle since she was two. We live in Alberta Canada, and are Cree.

    I have questions regarding:

    1. What is the best material to use for the shawl?

    2. What is the best material to use for the fringe?

    Thank you for any suggestions you may have.


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    Hello, I would suggest a nice crepe or polyester for the shawl. It seems to move well and not get too wrinkly. Walmart carries lots of colors.

    And 1/4 inch double sided satin ribbon for the fringe - doubled over and sew on after heming - spaced however you want it. Sometimes I do an inch for little girls, or placed side by side even. is what it is...


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      The wife says gabardeen (apology for the spelling) is the best for the shawl- heavy enough not to be see through, but light enough to be comfy. You can also do two layers of a light material (outer and a liner basically) but that may be more work than you want with a kids shawl

      And you can do anything from 1/4" up to 1/2" (we are stubbornly refusing to switch to metric because it involves far too much math) for the ribbon. And ya, double it over.


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