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really that high?

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  • really that high?

    Hello all,
    I had a lady tell me that she practises with objects in her way and a broomstick on her shoulders and she dances over the objects.
    Smaller ones at first like pillows, flower pots etc, and then she said when you can dance over seats (chair height) you made it. Is it necessary to kick it that high? I haven`t noticed dancers do that, knees high yes of course but even the feet?
    I don`t know, it irritated me a little is that a good advice or would I
    - say I ever make it that far- make a fool of myself?
    I thank you all for your advice, I`ll try and youtube some footwork.
    Wish me luck and someday someone who can help me.

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    I think as long as you do some type of exercising it would help you...and keep at it...
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      I heard the broomstick thing too. They say it helps you to learn how to keep your arms up or out.

      Definitely do some cardio... u have to last several songs.
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