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  • Clueless

    So here is my ordeal i want to fancy shawl dance so bad i cant stand it and i think i have the steps and turns under control i just need more practice. I just recently started going to the powwows a few years back. Growing up my parents never took me. My husband and i go now every chance we get. But i dont know what all i need to make my regalia. What pieces are needed and necessary? I can bead chokers, earrings, and hair accessories. I bought some satin fabric to do my shawl and i know my pattern and color scheme. i just need a check list. I also need to know do you have to have the legging pieces or can i just use my plain ole moccasins? Can someone please help me? Oh and i also need to know my sister in law wants to dance to so i want to make her regalia at the same time and she loves tie-dye can i make her a shawl that is tie-died.

    Thanks and many blessings

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    well my words to everyone who wants to dance is what I was told to do (and did). I spent a year where at every powwow I talked to the Fancy Shawl dancers (cause thats where I started). I gave them tobacco and learned the dance, the regalia, the protocols of powwow dncing etc. Two took me under their wing and taught me alot (but everyone helped) then that winter I made my regalia and the next spring I got introduced to the circle and inckuded in my giveaway somethin special for all those shawl dancers especially the two who took me under their wing. You can rush it if you want but if you take my advice it will pay off in the long run.


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      It takes time... I spent a year and half watching youtube, reading this forum and going to pow wows, and talking to other dancers. I practiced an average of 10 hours a week and did exercises for several months before I started shawling at pow wows. You'll learn something new everyday. If you really want it, you can do it. It just takes some time, sweat, and dedication.
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        Like what everyone else has said, you need to watch, practice, practice, and more practice.

        As for the tie-dyed thing. I wouldn't recommend it.


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          Thanks for all the advice i really do appreciate it very much. I can get over anxious sometimes and rush things i guess that is one of my flaws. But thanks again and anymore help ya'll can give will be taken openly.

          Many Blessings


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