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  • slipping shawl

    Hi Ladies,

    I am in the process of making my 7 year old daughter her fancy shawl regalia. I made her shawl out of a slippery satin material. The problem is that it is slipping all over her shoulders and she can't keep it still. She keeps pulling up the shawl and it ends up half way up her back. I am thinking of velro under the yoke and across her shoulders. Also I thought I would sew a wrist tie to the inside of the shawl so she dosn't have to worry about it slipping from her hands. Anyone have the same problem? What was your solution?

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    Safety pin the shawl to the cape. it helps a lot


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      I"ve seen a lot of safty pins on shoulders and elastic loops for hands too for itty bitties My daugther is one of the Big Butterflies who takes little ones under her wings to help good luck let her Fly!!!!


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        Ive seen some kids with buttons or snaps either on the dress or the cape... it seem to work pretty well and you dont have to try to pin them when they are trying to run around.
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          Originally posted by shadowoman View Post
          I"ve seen a lot of safty pins on shoulders and elastic loops for hands too
          same 13 yr old still likes elastic loops although she hasn't used safty pins on the shoulders for a while


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