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  • Burning Sensation?

    Help! I've got this bad burning sensation when I ... um.. well...
    um.. when I think about how bda I need to find some small square mirrors to use on my new beadwork!!
    GAHH!! What did you think I was going to say? LOL

    Seriously, somebody pleazzzzzze give me some info on where to get these kind of kirrors from.

    Thank you!
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    We have all different kinds of those here in town at our Wal-Mart (3191)


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      Just found some round ones and square ones at Michale's, they were distributed by Darice so I imagine anyone selling their stuff might have them.
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        This should be all that you need, but I'm not sure how thick these are. Also, you can order them directly from, but it's aimed towards companies so ordering qunatities are fairly large.
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          I seen some at Ben Franklin a few days ago in my town


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            Michael's is the best place to buy them. I think I bought mine, like 10 per package for under $2 Cdn!! If you want me to pick some up for ya and send them, let me know!!!



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              [SIZE="4"]How do ya apply mirro's to stay on? With Hot glue? because i have plenty of mirros just don't know how to keep them on the material with out looking tacky. I want bead around also for my belt i am making and don't know realy how to do that? i so use to a concho belt. this is new to me. please if any oneone can give advise or ideas much would be appriciated. SIZE]


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