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    hello all,
    I do have a question about this slide step when I ask people they say they can`t show it to me slowly but I think it might be possible to be explained?
    The slide step itself is easy, you slide your left foot forward or sideways and then follow with the right foot but how is it done when it looks like both legs are moving at the same time? Like when you do it sideways do you only cross with one foot and leave the other one in place and then do it with that one or do you cross both at the same time? I tried to do it forward but it doesn`t seem right.
    And do you have any tricks to share for sliding back on the foot that carries the bodyweight.

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    Oh boy, that is a little difficult to explain, but you have to acquire the sensation that your feet are sticking superglue lol, just pretend that they're stuck and one can't move without the other one


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      i've gone over this question... and try 2 picture what your talking about... but i don't know i guess.. maybe i'm just not getting the picture.... what kind of step are you talking about? is it 4 a double beat? or just a str8 song?

      You can't double team a Triple Threat

      The Black Hills are NOT for sale

      ps. i'm still the greatest~n i'm prettylol


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