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Girls Fancy Shawl Stolen at Rocky Boy Powwow 2009

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  • Girls Fancy Shawl Stolen at Rocky Boy Powwow 2009

    Boozhoo from Minnesota.

    I just received news that the newest shawl I made for my niece was stolen earlier today at Rocky Boy Powwow. I finished it just in time for Hinckley Powwow 2009, it was my niece's favorite shawl. She's 12 and is in her last year of juniors. I worked hard on that shawl and didn't have the chance to see her dance in it yet. If people could please keep an eye out for it (see attached pics), we'd really appreciate it and hope that it makes its way back to her. Miigwech!

    A picture of the shawl.

    Close up of circular design.

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    it is beautiful
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      Very beautiful, you do very good work. I hope you folks get it back.


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        Thanks, I really hope she gets it back. I posted it on my myspace and facebook, I want to get the word out ASAP in case it turns up somewhere. Still hoping for a good outcome.


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          It's really sad to hear of so many thefts of outfits. It's good that you had pictures of it.


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            yeah it is sad that people have to steal like that. I wish someone would have taken pics of her dancing in that shawl. The only pics I have of her wearing the shawl are on my cell. I'm going to attach a pic of her wearing the dress I made to match that shawl.

            One thing about the eagle designs on the shawl and the dress is that I sewed the designs down onto the eagle first and then put the eagles onto the shawl using a zigzag stitch. So there's a chance that someone could take the eagles off and put them on different fabric/make a different outfit out of them. I'd just like to once again ask for people to keep their eyes open.

            I'm thinking I'll have to do a replacement shawl for her but not sure if I should do an exact replica or do a variation.

            Thanks for looking at this thread and for the responses.

            On a brighter note, she did end up placing 3rd in Jr Girls Fancy at this years Rocky Boy Powwow. :)


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              Sorry that someone would steal at the pow wows

              I am so very sorry that someone would steal that child's shawl at the pow wow. It was beautiful and I know it took many hours to make. I made my granddaughter's fancy shawl outfit and we would be so devastated if her shawl was stolen. I cannot believe that someone would take it from a pow wow but I know that these types of things happen, even in a sacred area.

              I hope that the person that took it will have a conscience and bring it back.



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                That's awful about her regalia. I will keep an eye out. Congrats to her for placing though, you have a beautiful neice.
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