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Torn Calf Muscle while dancing

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  • Torn Calf Muscle while dancing

    Has anyone torn their calf muscle while dancing? How long did it take to recover and be able to dance fancy again? I heard a pop during the second contest song and a sharp pain. I couldnt any weight on was a crow hop after a fast straight. Im heading to the clinic on Tuesday...but looking for words of advice...Im Icing, resting, elevating and taking anti-inflammatory meds...just wanting to dance.
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    Yes! Happened to me about 4 years ago in the middle of a contest song. Just like you said, an audible pop and couldnt put weight on it.
    I guessed it to be a small tear as a small amount of blood had pooled just under the skin.
    I just kept it elevated, took aspirin and waited. I think it was about 3 weeks or so until I was back up to snuff. You are probably younger than me tho' maybe you will heal faster.


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      i did!

      That is so weird. This is a really old post but for the benefit of all i thought i would reply anyways. I JUST did that in November. I was dancing a crow hop and I totally heard a pop too. I couldn't bear any weight on my leg, and it was excrutiating pain. I have two kids and it was worse than both labors, one was naturally at home even. An ambulance came and got me and I was in a wheelchair for two-three weeks. It's now January and I am just starting to get back on the treadmill and train for dancing again. It was very painful and from what i have learned there are varying degrees of calf muscle tears. Some need surgery. Thank GOD i didn't have to get surgery, but I did have to get an ultrasound to see if I had a blood clot in my artery, so if you get a tear like that go to the docs asap. My leg looked normal afterward but like three weeks later the bruising showed up finally and it was huge and black. Its the stranges injury ever. I am in physio now...and will be back to dancing this spring but seriously, because its such a big and important muscle go to the docs and physio even if it seems pointless.

      I couldn't do ANYTHING on my leg for at least a month. It was humbling that is for sure but it also made me want to dance you healed up all good now too.


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        haha.. i did this... luckily it wasn't as bad as all of yours!! a slight grade 1 tear 4 me i believe.. i was completely off it 4 a week.. (used the rice method of course... rest ice compress elevate) but i'm back 2 running... n working out now.. 2 weeks later... still bruised a lil bit tho 4 a while.. and i'm keeping it wrapped when i work out..

        crazy thing is i was reading this end of january... :(

        oh well... :D

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