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Attention All Fancy Shawl Dancers

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  • Attention All Fancy Shawl Dancers

    Attention All Dancers and Drummers. On Nov 11th at Saint Charles Community College, in Cottleville, Mo there will be a Luncheon/Exhibition Dance, from 11 a.m to 1 p.m. We are trying to get Reuben Littlehead to MC. We need at least one Dancer (two is preferable) for each Women style; Jingle, Fancy Shawl, Cloth and Northern and Southern Buckskin.. We need at least one Dancer (two is preferable) for each Men style; Grass, Fancy, Chicken, Northern and Southern (aka Straight) Traditional.

    We also need a Southern Drum and a Northern Drum. We will be able to provide free lodging at the Dury Inn and Food Coupons at the Colleges Cafe`. If any one is interested just let me know or send an e-mail to Professor Berry at [email protected] This is for EDUCATIONAL purposes and give people a taste of our culture and how a Powwow works. This is not a real Powwow. If you have friends and family that would like to come and watch or take part in don't forget to bring them. Plz pass the word around, in our community and on the powwow trail. Look forward to seeing you. Keep it real peeps and take care.

    P.S. RSVP No later then Nov 1st,
    Dance hard like there is no tomrrow. Hoka!

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    “We need to start standing up to people who tell us ‘no,’ that we can’t do things in the way of our culture.” -Aloysius Dreaming Bear

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