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    is there anything else u can use for the shawl besides ribbon and fringes i heard flagging tape is pretty good any opinions pleeze

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    well ive never heard of using flagging tape for your shawl,but i did use it for a pair of hairties once.i dont have ne ideas about other stuff for your shawl though.
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      Saw Hair Many Years Ago

      I would imagine anything that can create a fringe that does not tangle to bad and gives a nice flowing movement would work great.

      A very long time ago (probably 30 years or so) in Texas I saw a woman with horse hair fringes on her shawl. It was very different and looked rather neat.

      Can't remember if they were twisted or not, but I would think that you would want to have it twisted much line twisted buckskin fringe since the individual hairs would create a nigthtmare of tangles.


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        flagging tape messages

        If you type in 'flagging type' into the box below the messages titled 'search forum,' you'll find 4 other messages that discuss the subject. Give it a try! Some posts in these subjects also have links to pictures of shawls with flagging tape. I've never personally seen it or tried it (you never know, could have seen it and not noticed). I tend to prefer ribbon, but some sets can be complimented by the tape. In my opinion, it's too wide...but hey, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' or so it goes.
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          I'll stick to my ribbons
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            flagging tape

            I know sum1 who has used flaggin tape for their shawl. It looks really lite and interesting. def stands out. I pref ribbon.
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              i used it.

              i have flaggin tape on one of my regalias right now. it works like a charm. it isn't so bad and it works like magic. i payed 400 for mine, and i think it is worth every cent of the money. its awesome.

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                I personally think flagging tape looks cheap!
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                  Originally posted by theepowwowchic49
                  I'll stick to my ribbons
                  I Agree With Ya;)


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                    Originally posted by FANCYNDNGURL
                    I Agree With Ya;)
                    i'll agree with both of ya
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                      I think that flagging tape looks cheap if you dont do it right, (i have seen people hot glue the tape on) Ive made two shawls for my daughter using flagging tape and they turned out really nice.
                      i like cut my tape in half after its sewn on so it doesnt look bulky.

                      I will keep using ribbon as well as flat fringe though. but i dont think that i will ever use tinsel, now that looks cheap.


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                        i have an idea

                        I was thinking if you could use some sequance strings. like the wide kind or the skinny kind. I wonder if that would work?? Well thats just my little thought. Good idea though.


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                          WHO PAID 400 FOR WHAT TAPE? Oh no!

                          I'm no heir to bill gates so.......
                          I'm a wal mart specialist! If I can't find it at wal mart its not meant to be! Right down to my men....... I'm serious..... when we broke up where'd I find him... yepp! WAL MART! Ribbon is .97 per roll or sumtimes .44 and I can order more if I need it! You just have to be creative with your outfits if you got a budget!
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