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How Do You Apply Flat Chainette To Shawl?

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  • How Do You Apply Flat Chainette To Shawl?

    I've only used ribbon for shawls in the past but want to use flat chainette for my daughters shawl this time but not sure how to attach it to the shawl & should I just attach it at the bottom or up the sides also? For her shawls with ribbon fringe I fringed the bottom and sides. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I was shown that with the chainette, to use an awl and poke a small hole in your material, run your fringe through, and to tie a knot below the seam of material. But to run 2 - 4 strings through each hole for a fuller look. I guess that parts optional though? I dont dance fancy with the chainette though, as it tends to "unwind" itself VERY easily. I add my ribbon to the bottom of the shawl, and oooooh a little under half way up the way of the sides. I hope this helps.
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      I agree. Flat chainette is tied on just like regular chainette. It's easy with a large needle with a big eye...sort of like a tapestry needle, but a little more of a point on it.

      Cut your chainette into 56" long pieces (for 14" long fringe). Fold it in half, insert the fold into the eye of the needle and go through the egde of your shawl about 1/2 " in from the side. Continue about every inch or so and yes, go up the sides. Even out the length of each fringe and tie each in an overhand knot close to the edge of the shawl. When you're all done, you can trim it up.

      Flat chainette tends to unravel slightly. But I don't know if the slight amount is worth going over with FrayCheck or not. is what it is...


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        Ladies what about the cheater shawls? I have one with a ribbon work pannel then gos past the end "if that makes sence?" Surely you dont pass the needles threw the panel, maybe just go threw the fold of material just behind the panel?
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          Eagle Plumes: If I was tying fringe then yes I would go behind the panel...However I always just buy the the chainette thats all attached together into a fringe already.


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