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Do you guyz get help?

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  • Do you guyz get help?

    I miss the dayz when I lived at home with my mom and sis. We would pull all nighters to get a dress done. We each had our specialty. My mom cut and traced. My sis cut the dress out and sewed it together. I finished everything else up. Now dayz my hubby helps a lil bit. Mainly it's all me slaving away.:( What about you all?

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    Do it all on my own . Dont have anyone here that can help . Mom is in alabama an sis well wont see her for another 4 1/2 years.
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      I usually do it all myself, but my man is learning how he can help and he tries to when he can!
      Can't wait till my babies get old enuff to help!
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        my aunt help m with the dress i had to come up with the measurements and draw and cut everything and sh did the actual sewing, my mom can do anything like that and my brohers beading is worse than mine if that's possible lol
        my next outfit is all on me
        im a little scared to do this next one its gonna b fancy and i just havent picked that perfect design yet- ya know?


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          I bead and mom does most of the sewing. I really need to learn to sew and take some pressure off my mom. There are times mom has pulled all niters before a powwow to get something done.


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            I pull all nighters myself to get dresses done. Probably have to do that this weekend I have an order for a jingle dress to finish that has to be shipped out at the beginning of next week. My man helps me string the jingles but other than that when I do fancy outfits I'm on my own. lol


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              I trace,cut,and Iron everything together!Mom won't let me sew! She says I'll mess it up!!We pull all nighters all the time! :D
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                All-nighters, that sounds so funny. I've done those way to often. Makes me feel just rugged for a couple of daz afterward. But yes I can relate.;)
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                  getting help w/your sewing...

                  I miss those days of helping Netty and Tiff with their sewing projects...we used to stay up late sewing and listening to good pow-wow songs...wishing the stuff we were working hard on was for

                  those were tha dayz...ahh, but alas, on to sewing by myself...I think the best part of sewing is the cutting and ironing, cause once u get that part done, you just sew it up and it's lookin' good!

                  The designing is hard, but once u come up with a design you like, the rest is a peice of cake!! No problemo...

                  I remember I stayed up late trying to finish part of a sequin outfit with N and T and I got soo close to finishing a only there were more time for sewing seams and pow-wow dreamz!!

                  I hope to travel more next summer, should be funnerz!! Lol...funnerz...where'd I get that from...??Lol...lack of sleep? Lol..yeah, I know about sewing all night, just thinking you could do a whole bunch in a short time...then trying to finish it in the wee hours of the all tired, lol...:2:


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                    If your family want's a new outfit then..

                    get them involved with the really painful parts of the outfit. For my hunny, I make him cut and tie on his grass before I'll sew it on. For another family member, I made his mom and dad cut out the applique and do the grass as well. For my daughter, I make her cut the applique, cut/tie the bits of ribbon for her jingles. Its our tradition that the family makes the new outfit together. :D
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                      I thought I was the only one

                      I make my hubby due his own yarn. He's getting better about tracing and cutting . I just wish he could lern to sew. He does bead thought, caught on really fast too.:p


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                        Hello Tanksida and WallFlower, Tanksida: remember in 1996 when you did a jingle dress for my sister in one night? All we had for help was two shots of espresso each. Do you think when you get into California, you can set a date for another all-nighter?


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                          I do it all myself... once in a while i get really into something tho and end up stayin up all night :Chatter i get all excited when something starts to come together :p


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                            do i help

                            Yes i help, in fact i am the whole team when it comes to making an outfit. My daughters are 7 and 8 and are at the point where they want to help, but it is limited. My 14 yr old son does know how to sew and bead, but try and get a 14 yr old when all he is interested in is his music and hockey.

                            i find that doing ALL the work is fine with me. it relaxes me and i know it will be done with the utmost care. what is it make? i make our roaches, my daughter's jingle dresses and fancy shawl outfits. (the girls still don't know what style to dance), beadwork, grass dance outfits, eagle bustles, i work with many types of wood. Off the topic, i do make snow shoes. my son has expressed an interest in making flutes. he found some online sites on flutes.

                            my kids mother, left us. she does not even visit the kids. i have full custody............wooo hooooo. first time i found this site, still exploring it................pantie


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                              I do all the sewing myself from start to finish, my mom will help me sometimes..........but i am used to doing projects by husband will cut fringe for the shawls, but that is all i can get him to daughter is learning how to trace and cut the designs as well as the fringe for the shawls.......but i like to sew for her and when the outfit comes was worth the all-nighter.


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