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Which set of Bonnie's or Lisa's beadwork is your favorite?

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  • Which set of Bonnie's or Lisa's beadwork is your favorite?

    My all time favorite beadwork of Bonnie's would have to be her one and the maroon one of her's. Lisa's teepee and her butterfly one are sooooo pretty. I bet they both could go a week or two and never wear the same thing twice. Beadwork wise I think?:p

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    Lisa's is the Best
    <~*~>Ajidamoo Pride<~*~>


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      Lisa is my sister and Bonnie is my sister-in law. So I am caught in the middle. LOL
      I love Lisa's butterfly and Bonnies White set is awesome with her orange velvet skirt.
      both of these ladies are excellent fancy shawl dancers. I saw them dance a tie in Philadelphia, Ms some years ago and it was so cool. Bonnie won it, but Lisa danced good too.
      Hat's off to both ladies.
      Isn't funny when the thread started, all you had to say was Bonnie and Lisa and everyone knows who we are talking about LOL


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        bonnie's is da best but who's lisa?


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          Who's Lisa
          You must not go to powwows if you don't know Thee Lisa Ewack!!:D
          <~*~>Ajidamoo Pride<~*~>


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            These ladies are the superstarz of the pw world. You don't need to say there last names to know who they are. New gurls come and go, but these ladies always have something new and fresh. Lately Bonnie's been reviving the sequin phase and no one wears eagles as there trade mark like Lisa does. You just wonder what they'll come up with next?


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              oh her okay and yeah i go to powwows but not alot it's not my thang ok


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                I like Lisa's new one. I saw that eagle cross stitch pattern in a craft store a few years ago and though it would make a cool design for a Northern Traditional top. There was another one just like it that had a woman instead of the man that would have been pretty too. My favorite of Bonnie's is the Maroon one, I don't care for sequins that much.


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