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    is it right if you have fake plumes?because i was given fake plumes and wore them to pow-wows and didn't even know they were fake.until someone really examined them.if it's not right what should i tell the person that gave them to me. should i keep wearing them or just put them away. i'm really confused.


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    i have fake plumes and real plumes put together into one set, and you can't really notice them at all...its so cool. because the real ones really stand out. i think it is your choice to put them away or not but if people are going to start braggin about it, just to save you trouble i would put them away. but then again i say your choice.

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      I would agree, it is your choice. Weather they are fake or real, wear them with a smile on your face... though nothing beats the real thing;)


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        when i first started dancing i wore fake one said anything to me about them.but dont worry about it.they are fine
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          hey! gals thanks alot. now I feel comfortable. mine aren't that tall , but what the heck i least i have some.Thanks!!!!!!!!


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            I know this is off topic, but one of my buds had a Canadian goose tail. It looks like a eagle tale.


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              hi, this is a first time post for daughter no longer dances but she has 2 plumes she is is hawk and the othe eagle...both need to be cleaned due to dust and being in storage, how do i clean them?..And her eagle plume is now slightly bent at the top...any ideas on how to get it...
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              although i like plumes ...i tried wearing them once and it felt to strange...i prefer blacktips to plumes...which do you prefer
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              I was wondering how do you earn plumes?Do you have to dance good to earn them.I need plumes thats why , but my grandma told me i have to earn them ,but heres the thing i don't know what to do to earn them.can you gals tell me.Pppplease!!!j/k
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              :WaveIs it traditional to have the eagle plumes "given" to them...
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