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applique on shawl...please help

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  • applique on shawl...please help

    I am new to using applique...sort of. I've done small applique pieces before, but that was more like quilt-like applique, if you know what I mean. I stitched it down but I didn't embroider around the design. I've been contemplating my new set for probably about half a year now, sketching and playing with colors. Now I have the fabric but am not sure where to start. I know that's kind of backwards, but I do have a design, I'm just not sure how to approach the applique. If I am doing a wide (1/8-1/4") solid embroidery stitch around each piece, do I need to applique (folding edges under) or could I use light heat and bond or wonder under and forget about seam allowance...just iron them on there since the embroidery stitch will cover up the edges anyways. I know the question sounds compicated, but it's really not. I didn't do any kind of applique on my first shawl and I'm kind of unsure what to do. Many of the shawls I see around here are more unembellished, so I'm not sure who to ask.
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    I suppose it depends on what you want to use the shawl for and how long you want it to seems to me that you have put much heart into your design so I would think you would not want to take a "short cut" now. If it were me I would go ahead and do the applique then do the outer stitching. The design will last much longer and PLUS you will know that you put your heart into it.

    This is just my personal opinion.


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      I do want it to last and to be able to one day make a gift of it...I guess the best question to ask is how ladies who have used this technique on their shawl have gone about it? From what I have seen embroidery is usually used around the design but I can't tell how it was begun...and the few people I've asked before had had someone else make theirs. Thanks for your opinion...I do agree about heart and I want to get this set right, partly because I feel I rushed myself on my first set.
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        Re: applique on shawl...please help

        Originally posted by butterflypulse
        ...or could I use light heat and bond or wonder under and forget about seam allowance...just iron them on there since the embroidery stitch will cover up the edges anyways.
        That's what I do when I sew designs on outfits I use light heat n bond tried wonder under cuz I heard it was better but it didn't work for me...maybe cuz I was using thick fabric.


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          A few tips I have learned over the years.
          To start out with, have someone else measure you out from tip to tip. (duh)
          When doing your design ,I always take time out to measure and make stencils for mine. I good type of paper to use for this is the meat packing paper grocey stores use. If this is not available, then jus find some other kind of sheet paper. Next decide the placing,shape and such of your design. Cut or redo the paper as often as you want until you have the design exacty how you want it. I always do my designs on the actual shawl, with the shawl spread out on my floor. You can use either heat-n-bond lightwieght or pellon. Pellon works really good with keeping the shawl light and not affecting any material during transfer.

          Follow instructions for ironing it on and such. These tend to be on package of purchase. After ironing and placing just how you want it, set it aside for a minute. Next grab a peice of scrap material that is about the same thickness of your shawl where you are about to sew down your designs. Then try a couple of stitches on your machine till you find a thickness and tightness you like. I suggest this so that you can get your tension accurate and you applique edging will have a nice tight look to its thread.
          Then take your time and start doing you edges. A wide zig-zag stitch with a tight size is most commonly seen. Take your time and don't pull you material. Just carefully guide your needle around the edge of your designs. When it comes to curves you want to kind of speed up the sewing while maintaining a slow and steady curving of the material.

          Just becareful how thick you lay your designs on each other. If not, the material may become to thick to sew through or to heavy to dance in.
          If you take care of your shawls, then these should last you a long time. This is how I d o my shawls and I know a bunch of people who also do theirs this way.

          Hop ethis helps. I fyou have any more questions or I wasn't clear on something let me know! :)
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