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New Dancer - Need help starting regalia

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  • New Dancer - Need help starting regalia

    Ive been learning Fancy Shawl for about four months now and feel that I am ready to begin my regalia.

    Id like to start with my leggings and yoke.

    Can someone please give me some starting points on how to begin working on my leggings. I'd like them to have a zipper on them. Ideally, fully beaded.

    Im needing advice from the very beginning. What stitch do you use to bead? Material? As much help and details would be much appreciated.


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    Hi and welcome to the site. Check out the beading tutorials in the Craft section. Blackbear has a really good one for applique.

    I've seen leggings done with peyote stitch, applique, loomed and freestyle so it's pretty much up to your likes and skill levels.

    Make sure the zipper you buy is one that opens up like a jacket zipper (dress style closed zippers end up getting torn apart when you are in a hurry to put them on for Grand Entry).
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      Juaquin Lonelodge has a whole lengthy video series on how to do everything from designing applique to beading. I know he shows a Jingle Dress in one video but the concepts can be used on just about every other style. He was featured in several of articles.
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        This is cool too. Good luck getting your outfit done!

        Making Regalia - CATV47 Cheyenne and Arapaho Television

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