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Need ribbon for daughter's shawl

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  • Need ribbon for daughter's shawl

    It's been a long time since I purchased ribbon for around the shawl border. Where's the best purchase? Thanks in advance!

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    I buy double faced (DF) satin ribbon and I typically buy it at JoAnn Fabrics or AC Moore or Michael's. You will want to feel the ribbon and make sure it's not cheap feeling and that it's not see through or tulle like ribbon. Prices are typically by the width and the double face cost more but since it will be seen from both sides that is what you will want.
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      Offray and other

      Thank you. I do want the double sided. I was just wondering what was the best purchase price. I know I can use a coupon at both Michaels and JoAnn's but for one item and they only seem top sell small roles. Offray has the large rolls but I wondered if there was a better price for the quality ones for sure. I will check the other place you mention! Have a blessed day!


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        I was buying 5/8" white double face satin Offray ribbon for my Grass Dance stuff and I was paying like $3.99 a roll. I forget how many yards are on a roll now since they changed recently, I think 10. Plan on spending at least 30 to 40 on all of the rolls that you will need. If you can find coupons then use it.
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          Hey, I just got an email coupon from JoAnn....they say they've missed me. LOL! (Yah, they miss me spending $$ at their store!)

          So the coupon is good for 4 days only (Sunday) & is 30% off total purchase of regular priced items AND $3 shipping for all orders w/no minimum.

          The secret code is: UPCH143 that you should apply online.

          We can be our own little informal Groupon group here on LOL.

          Maybe this will work for you. Hope it does!

          Hey again, I just clicked it & it brings up this page with more coupons:

          Jo-Ann Fabric Coupons ? Find a Jo-Ann Coupon | Jo-Ann

          Bummer is that they say only 1 coupon per order, so you can't stack the codes to get more savings.

          But I think every little bit helps.

          Good Luck!!


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            Making order

            After probing the internet, JoAnn Fabrics, Wholesale Ribbon supply... offers the most for the money with 100 yd spools available. Thank you for your input.


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              I buy mine from BBCrafts - Wholesale Ribbon, Tulle Fabrics, Wedding Supplies, Tablecloths & Floral Mesh at Best Prices they have some ribbon in 25 to 100 yard spools at a very good price from $1.98 and $9.98. Very Very Reasonable.
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                Possible best ribbon prices

                Darn, I wish I would have discovered the BB crafts earlier. The price difference is amazing. I do not know what they consider bulk order for this price and I didn't look at shipping. But I thought it was worthwhile letting others know.

                As of today's prices....
                (3/8 Inch) - 100 yards Price: $18.96
                PRICE PER YARD: $0.19
                Satin Double faced ribbon goes attractive for the floral hairstyle decorations.With its many different available colors and double sided look you can match up for any kind of your hair style designs.
                Bulk and retail customers are capable to buy from us at affordable pricing without least necessities!
                Wholesale customers should log in to your account to look at evaluation and place fabric order.
                Prices Shown are Per Spool Price, Not per Yard.
                Width Length Retail Price
                3/8 inch 50 Yards $2.15
                5/8 inch 25 Yards $1.77
                7/8 inch 50 Yards $2.69


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                  40% Coupon 4 days only Offray

                  If you're looking for Ribbon compare this to the BB Crafts for great pricing! :)Coupon only good for 4 days but I'd sign up so they send you future sales.


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