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Dancicng and Achilles Injury

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  • Dancicng and Achilles Injury

    So I mildly tore my Achilles tendon during competition at a powwow in October. When it happened it just popped and I couldn't put weight on it at all. I left the arena hopping on one foot. I did not, fortunately, need surgery. Long story short, it has healed, full range of motion, but still sore and if I try to dance it hurts. It's been about 3 months. Does anyone know how long these take before you can actually dance without doing further damage? I always wrap, even the day it was injured. I am just not sure how long to wait. Some articles say it will always be sore. Does anyone have any information regarding this? I can dance through pain but I do not want to cause further and even permanent damage. I miss dancing!!!
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    Takes a year anyway. I hurt mine dancing too and that was years ago.....still bothers me some. I always wrap it tight to dance.
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      Thank you! That's what I was afraid of, long healing time and always some pain/tenderness. Crap! I will give it more time. Last thing I want to do is injure worse.


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        You may need PT, either at a place or at home, to help recover. You should consult with your doctor. Also proper stretching and warm up before dancing can go a long way with injury prevention.
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          Yes, I think I may search out PT if it doesn't improve more. From what I've read it does take more time than other injuries. Since full range of motion is back I am just doing very light stretches and not dancing or running at all. But I will definitely take your advice religiously and stretch a lot before attempting to dance always! I had been doing that but obviously not enough, sadly!


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            Well if you research and are comfortable with using DMSO; I have had good results using it on various injuries. Cuts my downtime in half. They use the veterinary grade DMSO on million dollar race horses to get them back and running. The old busted up loggers around here used to make a cayenne pepper/DMSO linament to keep them going.

            It is best to do the research as to proper use. DMSO is liquid organic sulfur and is an organic solvent. Benign if used properly on skin, natural fibers etc; but you DON'T want to use it in conjunction with synthetics, plastics, chemicals etc. If you decide to try it, make sure you get a veterinary grade from the feed or health store NOT industrial grade.


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              Thank you! I usually go for the alternative methods and try to stay as natural as possible. I will definitely check this out. It sounds interesting. How long did yours take to heal? Mine is definitely on its way but nagging pain persists, although it's only been since October. I am looking it up as soon as leave this site!


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                I was dancing full on in less than six months. But I did lots of other therapies too. Combining the DMSO with other PURE organic herbal tinctures, essential oils etc makes it even more effective, because the DMSO greatly magnifies and carries the medicinal qualities of the herbs deeper into the tissues. This is why the loggers added cayenne pepper powder to the DMSO; which burns at first but increases circulation, decreases inflammation and therefore exponentially increases healing and sedates pain in the long run.

                Cayenne with DMSO is great for ankle, feet stuff, but can burn more tender skin. Comfrey tincture mixed with DMSO helps soothe sensitive skin and also improves long term healing.

                The main thing with injuries in the extremities is to increase circulation for more rapid healing. Regularly alternating hot/cold to the site really helps. In the am I put one pan of hot water and one pan of cold water in the bathtub and put my foot in first one then the other, all the while doing toe flexing exercises to increase circulation. Afterwards I would put herbal tinctures on the site then cover that with DMSO. Make sure to let the DMSO dry, takes 5-10 min, before covering with only natural fibers. I put on a 100% cotton sock first then wrapped an ace bandage around that. I was then good to go for the whole day.

                You want about a 70% concentration of 99.9% pure DMSO to 30% purified water or organic aloe gel. (don't use tap water or aloe gel with additives) There are sites online which carry premixed products you can try. If you like the results you can start mixing your own.

                AND there is a very good healing salve available online I highly recommend. All natural with herbs, DMSO added and made by a very knowledgeable and dedicated native woman; pueblo I believe. It's called PAIN BOMB. Easy to google. I recommend the one with CDB oil added as well. It's THC (narcotic) free, so is legal in all fifty states. It is not as strong as what I make for myself, but easier to use and carry around when traveling. It would be a great way to start with DMSO as some folks are more sensitive than others. Also all the herbs she puts in her salve completely mask the 'garlic' smell of DMSO that some folks are bothered by.

                Good Luck!


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                  Fancy Shawls, Looks like for some reason my last repy did not post, or maybe it did and I cannot access it for some reason.

                  Anyway, google PAIN BOMB. Great product, pure herbs and DMSO made by a native lady. Easy to use and carry while traveling.


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                    Okay. I ordered some yesterday, pharmaceutical grade, but I will check her site out and keep note of it. I prefer ordering from people who have been recommended. Thank you for telling me about it. I had never heard of it and everything I read is quite interesting!! Can't wait till it arrives.


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