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Who is your fava dancer??

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  • Who is your fava dancer??

    I just want to know who is your fava dancer and why??????
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    Carol MeltingTallow.. shes an awesome dancer with kick *** regalias and she is a good person to get a long with...and she really helps out the younger unexperienced dancers with their dance moves.

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      my friend kate to me is the best bc she helped me in the time that i had no clue what i was doing


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        my fav.

        mad props to Ursaloria Kanuho. she has the most incredible dance moves,regalia,beadwork, and plumes. everytime i watch her dance it just makes want to dance 10x better than i normally do. i guess you can say she motivates me. just gotta give it to her. keep the nice dresses coming up, cause damn there rad.


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          I think that Shianne Bull and Trisha Albert have got some wicked skillz on tha dance floor* But, my fave of all time will alwayz be Candace Gadwa although I don't see her dancin anymore:)


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            For me it would have to be Irene Oakes- she jams,Antoinette Begay-Yazzie-back in the day, she could really kick some butt. Rose Track-Speedy, Lisa Ojig (I don't know how to spell her last name)-she is another fast one.


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              Urseloria Kanuho- Light On Her Feet!! Lotsa Footwork. Lookin Pretty Not Eve Lookin Like She Breaks A Sweat:39:
              Gina Hindsley-You Can Always Tell That She's Putting Her Soul Into Her Dancing...:Angel: Looks Awesome!
              Irene Oaks-Beutiful Outfits, Moves, An Such A Nice Person:)

              Jolynn Begay-Dope Outfits, Great Footwork, An All-Around Bomb *** Personality!
              Faeryn Tootoosiss-Light On Her Feet, Pretty Dancing! Pretty Outfits...:Angel:
              Anhinga Whitecloud-Power Dancer;) Stays On Beat, Keeps It All Up! Dope Outfits Too


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                hey gotta give props to my sisters in action. MY OTHER BUTT CHEEK JOLYNN BEGAY, Ursaloria Kanuho, Gina Hensley, Kanani Nahanee, Bonnie Tomasha, Irene Oaks, Lisa Ewalk
                >>> Why i like them, becuse what is there not to like, these girls are so light on there feet, there not some dancer who has nice outfits but dance way to wild like there ahead of the song. these girls and ladys know how to get serious once there contest is up. i mean they tear it up no matter where there at. Here in the U.S or Canada. I say keep it up girls. Much Love from Sheena Bean:p


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                  I think Shamaray Yazzie just rocks the arena.. I love watching her dance she's graceful, light on her feet, loves to dance and has THE nicest outfits I've seen.
                  Heidi Starwalker is real energetic and great footwork! and she's a real sweetheart... makes me wanna do fancy again, but Xammy would whoop my behind in every contest!!! lol

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                    Leteascha ?dont know last name
                    carol melting tallow
                    rose green
                    and many others
                    me... :Thinking :Quiet
                    aLWAys KEep yOUr werds SOFT AN sweET, jUST iN cASE U HAFTA eat THEM...


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                      Ursaloria Kanuho
                      Rose Track
                      Crystal Cleveland (when she' sin shape)
                      Lisa Ewack (when she's in shape)
                      Roseanne Green
                      Tanksi Clairmont
                      Gracie Her Many Horses
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                        this topic is a Shamaray Yazzie topic. she's the coolest chick I've ever met! but dang only if she was single mayun! Her outfits just blow everyone away and her styles. dang what else can I say. her styles are the best i've seen around! Good girl and everything. Shamaray if you read this. I just want you to know your one of my favorite dancers.
                        I also like the way Tanski Clairemont dances. She's graceful and a beautiful girl. Her shawls also are the bomb. These girls are the only real real respectful girls i've seen at powwows. The way they carry theirselves and how they dance. keep it up girls. a lot of people admire you two.:)
                        Ill be @ 1 of those round dances singin.............


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                          I dont know names but I enjoy watching this catgory it`s one of my favorites.:)
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                            ~Carol Melting Tallow
                            ~Shamaray Yazzie
                            ~Krissie Snow
                            These are some chicks that I love to watch dance....there outfits and moves are kick a$$!!


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                              I Would have to say:
                              1. Georgina Jones... y? because she is so graceful.. moves fast... and i just love the way she jams kewl foot work tooo

                              2. Farica Prince... y? bcus she is also graceful, goot foot work. she is a kewl Jammer... lol...;) ;)

                              3. Devina Taylor*White.. Jr Gurls she is my homes fa sho.. she is so cute and tiny and GOOD... Lmao... shes beat my A$$ anyday i bet! lmao

                              4. Angel White... Y?.Shes onea my goot friends i like the way she dances... can move gurl...

                              5. alisa Ewalk... Y? she is fast she dont slow down when dancin...

                              thurrs more but i cant think of anymore its to late for me to be up this late... ha ha
                              :devil :Angel2
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