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Fixing Fluffs Up!

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  • Fixing Fluffs Up!

    Does any one have any suggestions on how to fix fluffs up?
    Like how people make 'em stand so high, or how to get them to hold in place or what not.
    I know you girls wear fluffs so how do you fix em up?
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    im not really sure how high but alot of my friends hold them up by a beaded baret


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      No I'm talking about how to set them up like on rods or toothpicks or what ever!

      But thanks anyways!
      Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

      Why do some people bother breathing when you know their brain isn't getting the oxygen?


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        Hey fancystar - I've done it both ways, I've put toothpicks in the quills but the ones I have now I used the curved top of a wire hanger andput one plume on each side, does that make sense?

        :Chatter hope that helps....:Angel:
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          I got plumes if thats what you call them, you need to get the big ones and put it on a wire hanger on how you see it on the other girls.

          don't put them to high or to low.


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            I make plumes with the bamboo skewers for shishkebabs, they won't rust like the metal hangers,,, and when you cut the end of a big feather, just shove the skewer in and add a few drops of glue as you slide it in,, then cover in fluffy feathers and tie them with thread as you go down the skewer,,, they are more flexible than toothpicks, longer and are durable!!! Also the skewers are cheap, get them at a buck store in the cutlery section!!
            Step 1 cut the tip of the quill off of the feather, then get a bamboo skewer for shish kebabs and twist it in slowly, get it about to the start of the feathering, remove and then insert again with glue, let it dry.
            Step 2 get a bunch of fluffy feathers of your choice, take 1 and bring it high over the edge of the quill of your main feather, then wrap it in thread at the quill, add a second one on the opposite side, wrap them both now with about 6 twist of thread, cover in glue to dry, then turn the feather so you can see the open sides, just a touch lower add one more feather on each side using the same steps,,,work your way down until you get the desired height, when done properly and with patience they will turn out fine!!!
            Step 3 insert the feather into a piece of heat shrink tubing that are used to cover wire, this can then be sewn into a leather cover for a barrette. Heat shrink tubing comes in several colors and done right it will hold your new plumes well, if you use wire it will rust after a while, specially if they get damp, then the feathers rust too,, that make s all your work useless, that is why I use bamboo!!
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