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    I have been told so many things about the drum and i think it might be just what a person like but do ya'll think women sould be able to drum or even be around the drum?

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    somebody answer bc i realy need to know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      I've seen girls singing around the drum. Some groups use girls because they have louder voices sometimes. So I'm guessing its okay for a female to be around the drum. That's not a wise and expert answer though. You should ask a specific drum group that you feel respects their drum and the circle they form.


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        It all depends on the tribe, like there are some where the women are allowed to sing at the drum and play the drum and others where the women are only supposed to sing in the back. And when you're menstrating you're not even supposed to be around the drum because of the power that the woman has when she is menstrating. It all depends, so just ask the elders of your tribe(s) what is appropriate. That's what I would suggest. There was a different thread where they were discussing this, let me find it and I'll get back to you, maybe it could answer your question better than I have.
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          okay, go to the pow wow singing forum and go to the thread that reads, "should women and youth sing?" something like that but the thread was started by powwowexposer, don't worry about the beggining everyone is telling off the guy but if you keep on reading you can get some information. hope it helps.
          If you allow the world to change you, only then can you change the world....


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            Except for the ones who ruins the songs and messes up the drumming while your trying to dance to it.


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