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  • ? about Cre-Cre Standing Rock...

    Does Cre-Cre Hughes-Standing Rock (does she still go by that name?) still fancy shawl? I'm just wondering cuz I hadn't seen her in years. Sorry if this post is in the wrong section by the way.

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    I've seen her dance southern cloth for the past couple of years, but haven't seen her lately. Her beadwork rocks.
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      What color was her beadwork by the way?


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        I haven't seen her in awhile too. She don't dance fancy anymore? I saw her dance jingle one time at Gatherings, I think she placed too.


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          Doesn't she do all BJ's stuff?
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            I was kinda wondering about that myself... last time I saw her was at Gathering like two years ago.


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              Last time I saw her, she told me that her and her husband had divorced and that she was just working hard and going to school.


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                Cree is doing fine in Oklahoma. She has baby boy in her new relationship and is living in Walters. She looks great and has a good job. I saw her alot last summer around here, and then again before Christmas. She is a very talented beadworker and seamstress but is into her job right now. She lived her life on the pow wow trail, and is giving her career the same enthusiasm. So those who wonder where she is....Walters Oklahoma. LOL (and she can dance any style, great all around dancer BJ is too. They are the smoothest cloth/buckskin dancers I have seen in awhile. Casey can float too. So can Shane. So those girls are all excellent dancer with an eye for shows in their beadwork, regalias)
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                  Ah-ho for that info on Cre-Cre! I haven't seen her in so long and just wondered how she was doing. ITA with you that Cre-Cre, Shayne, BJ and K.C are good dancers. They have always been!


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