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    Hey to all, I am making a pattern for a dress with a ruffle and since my friend made myfirst outfit I have no idea how to make a pattern...the cut and ruffle is different than my first dress which was a straight A-line cut. NE way if u all have ne tips on pattern making let me know. I am just afraid to cut the material and sew the dress and then realize it is either to small or needs to be adjusted down a size ...I am not a great sewer so both r equally worriesum... thanks and be well
    NDN pattern makers tips needed...I am not able to find a pattern for the dress I want to make. Also I have sum fears about the ribbon on my shawl...My friend doubled the ribbon and biased taped it in sections and then sewed the Fringe onto my shawl...which is doubled (tafetta on the back, broadcloth inside.) If I want to use a thick satin how do I apply my ribbon fringe?...:Help
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    I've never made a skirt from a pattern. Either my Mother has made it or I've bought my satin skirts from Goodwill or some other second hand store. Then sewed aplique on. You'll have to do some serching at a second hand store for a skirt. But eventually you will find one.
    On the other hand my boyfriends mother is a great with sewing. She is going to teach me how to read a pattern and use it. Find some one who can teach you how to sew. Or try it on your own with a sheet to pratice on first. That way you don't mess up on some expensive fabric. Too big is always better than to small. At least you have some thing to work with to taylor it to your size.
    Hope the little bit of info helped some. Good luck!


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      Ooops...I was going to say some thing about the fringe. I hand sew mine on. I know, time consuming. But when I started to get better with the sewing machine I tryed sewing the fringe on but it was all cock-eyed. I burn my ribbon fringe at both ends with a candle so it wont fray. I've also tryed the fray check. But it doesnt dry fast enough. And for a womans shawl, you'll end up going though at least a couple of bottles.
      Sorry I'm not much help with how to sew an inside to your shawl. I have an idea how but never actually tried it.
      Hope every thing works for you.


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        hey i know u ur from van me too ! heheh i think i showed u sum moves! hehehe ! well anyways! i burn my fring @ both sides too ! and then i dubble it so it will look full! if u knwo wut i meen! and then i put in on seambinding one peac @ a time so i know it will be okay takes time but looks good! as for ur shawl! u turn it in side out and pin it ! then u sew along the edgs only 3 tho ! then u flipp in right way out so u can now see the desing and then with the oppen side u turnd over and stick the hole 4 sides so it gives it that nice crisp look! hehehe i dont kow it thats what u want but.... ohh well its a tip! and i hope to see u and len and ur son @ family night to night! hehehe ayt i iwll talk to u there ! love yaz! raearae:D :Party


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          The way I do my ribbons so it won't fray on me is I went to the stores that have all the materials and I found some fray block thats what its called and you could get it at wal-mart even. All you needs to do when you buy it is put it on the tips of your ribbons and it should work.


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            im helpin out someone to and i never made a shawl before so how do u go by puttin the fringes on ..


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              k this is what i did, for fringe (ribbon), I doubled my ribbon, burnt both ends of each ribbon. bought double-sided tape and stuck the ribbons on on side across from each other -:- then folded the tape in half :- peeled off the other side of the tape and stuck it between a bias tape then sewed it through once on the machine. then I sewedit on to my shawl. : is the tape, -- is the ribbon lying flat in each direction before its folded. hope that helps. I used bias tape cuz i didnt want ppl to see the top ends of my fringe against my white shawl. k? good luck and b well.
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                Fringing the shawl

                Hey all...just wanted to put in my two cents worth. When I do a shawl, I think about who is wearing it...and the style. If your shawl is going to have the applique all the way to the bottom of the material, then I would fringe the shawl then hide the ends under the applique.
                If you are doing a double sided shawl, or just a one sided with the inside covered. Here is what I do:
                once you have gotten all your designs etc, sewn on to the shawl, sew your fringe onto just one of the shawls sides. Then I use lite maskingtape and I tape down the fringes to the front of the shawl so that none of them will get stuck in the sewing machine. Then put the two right sides together, sew around the shawl, leave enough room to turn the shawl right side out, and then I sew all the way around it again, it helps the two sides stay together and makes it look nicer...hope this helps. Let me know.


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