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How did you learn to dance

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  • How did you learn to dance

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how they learned to dance??

    I'm just starting and Im unsure of how I could learn??

    Some suggestions would be appreciated.
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    wow...i started a while ago....but i would have to attention others....well respected ones!...
    blah blah blah....


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      well thanx for the tip..... a friend of mine told me to practice, but i'm not sure if there are certain moves you go by or what...
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        Wow, this was me a while back. The way that you learn is by watching, and feeling the beat of the drum and making your own steps and feeling your shawl. Make everyone see it's beauty, and feel it in your heart. Just go to as many powwow's as you can and watch the dancers very carefully, look at their steps and the way that they sway their shawl but remember to also hear the drum and the songs while they are dancing so that you can feel it yourself. But in a way I would have to say not to copy their steps because some dancers work hard to come up with their own steps and it is what they feel. So it's what you feel, but remember also to hear the drum and the songs. Well that is how I learned, for other's maybe it differed. :dancing3:
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          I sucked when I was smaller. But me and my friends watched the pros and practiced together. Then we kinda developed our own stuff in tyme. Just play around in front of a mirror, and see what moves look good,:clap: and what looks stupid. :wall:

          And another thing I do now is watch jingle as well. Jinglers have good moves, you just have to step higher and move your arms to make them "fancy shawl" moves. :bouncy:

          Hope that helps...
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            :dancer: Thank ya'll for the tips.. They were very helpful!! It's nice to know there are people there that are willing to offer some advice:)
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              Yes watch and learn. I'm in the womans fancy catagory. But I love to watch the teen division. Youth does have a lot of energy. I try and be graceful and smooth. We all have our prefrence of what we enjoy watching. But I remembered one time I judged a teen fancy comp. One girl, bless her heart, was stomping by me...boom bounce, boom, bounce. This was in a gym of course. I only happened to notice it because she passed by me pretty close. "Whoa, watch out for the judge!!" Lol.
              I've bought some pow-wow tapes from vendors with only fancy dance from various pow-wow's across the country. I like to watch them and see every ones personal style.
              Of course I've been "inspired" by watching some other catagories like jingle, grass dance and men's fancy. Not that I'm doing cart-wheels out there...Lol:21: But you can get some ideas and turn them into fancy dancing.


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                I learned how to dance by my dad he should me the steps the womens fancy shawl dancers do and how they dance. Then when I got older I start learning on my own and getting more experienced that I learned how to make my own fancy shawl outfit, that I started to get creative and so on....thats how I learned.


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