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Whadda u do bout dem braids? :Help

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  • Whadda u do bout dem braids? :Help

    I usually get people to braid my hair in really really tight french braids. When it's all done, there is no hair for me to put my main barrett on. I know that I could juz put it on tha side or whateva, but I want it in the middle like all the other gurlz do. How am I supposed to do this?

    Sumbody educate me, pleeeeeeeze.
    :Heart luv, peace, and hair grease :Heart


    I'LL HOLLA!!!!!!!!

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    just squeeze yer braids loosens up the middle hairs ;)


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      I love it when my friend gives me a face lift with the tight braids.
      Okay I'm going to attempt to explain this....your part goes all the way down the back of your head. The hair on both sides are laying straight out into the braid on either side. I use 3 clips. 2 I put in before hand. The 3rd is connected to my beaded barette. But are all hidden under the bead work. Okay I start with the barrette tilting down to grab some hair, then under the stick (my feather is on a small one)then back up to grab some hair on the other side of my part. I hope that makes sense. Wish I could draw you a pic or some thing.
      Some times it hurts if your braids are really tight. But I do every thing I can to keep my feathers in my hair!
      Hope it helped more than it confused you.:dontknow: :p


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        Just have whoever braids your hair to braid it as close to the part as they can then that way when you hafta put your barette can just put it through your braids.


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          i hate face lifts:( :(
          blah blah blah....


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            If you pull a little bit of hair form both sides it should hold. I know, sounds easier than it is, but it's true!
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              Originally posted by katezninen
              i hate face lifts:( :(
              My friend did my hair at a pow-wow. She braids so tight! Well, when she was done she took out the hair spray. Put it on in the back and said turn around. I did. She flat out started laughing at me. :mocking: I definatly got a face lift. I pencil in my eye brows and one was definatly higher than the other. As she was laughing so hard she told me I looked like "The Rock". Lets just say I immediatly went to the bath room and "fixed" my eye brows.:Eyebrows


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                losen those braids a lil' and it should go on.


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