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    I have a question, What would be a good way to keep in shape during the off season? I have a hard time breathing during the winter so i'm starting to slack off. if N-E-1 has some idea's it would help me out.
    Byrdie-86 AKA sweetgrass_eaglechild

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    have you tried jogging and working out.



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      Walking is good for the aerobic benefit, but if your like me and have bad knees, lifting some weights (hand weights about 5lb) and strecthing helps.
      Swimming is good also, but if you can find a local indoor pool.
      Well will wonders never cease.....


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        During the winter I work out on a treadmill or stepper. I also lift weights. Really important if you have bad knees! I've also tried something new this year (ok no one laugh!! hehe) I've been doing taebo. Really works out the legs and makes them stronger. Hopefully will help keep my knees up high during contest!


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          Thanks people's i really appreciate your help. I will try your idea's. oh yeah tae-bo is a great way to keep in shape. i usta to it in my gym classes.
          thanks for the idea's once again.;)

          But if you have any more idea's that would be cool to let me know a couple.:)
          Byrdie-86 AKA sweetgrass_eaglechild


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            Swimming is really good for bad kness. I'll also suggest not just swimming, but running in the water. Get in water about up to your chest and just run, either in place or from side to side. It's a great workout and easy on the knees! I did this when I was recovering from knee surgery!


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              I'd run for about 20-30 minutes at a time. Depending on how your knee feels. The important thing is don't overdo it right away or you'll be back where you started!


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                YMCAs have regular water exercise and water aerobic classes, including classes for people with extra needs, i.e., classes geared for the elderly, or for kids, or for people with physical disabilities. Still a good deal - for a very cheap membership fee you have access to the pool, the classes, the basketball court, classes for kids, etc., and best of all, the chance to really annoy YMCA people by singing Village People songs at every opportunity.
                - zeph


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                  thanks peoples your idea's are coming really in handy.
                  i've tried the tae-bo and i'm kind of soar, but no pain no gain

                  so thanks for the idea's, i think i'll try out the swimming next
                  there's a YMCA down the street from my house. so that's my next work out stop

                  thanks really though for the idea's

                  Byrdie-86 AKA sweetgrass_eaglechild


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                    I took yoga for a couple of years while in college...I wanted to be more flexible..but I also found myself in much better shape too...

                    I also hike..ALOT. It's something I love to do, so I don't associate it with "exercise". I'm the kind of person that hears "exercise" and goes running for the hills. Find an active hobby, possibly one you already do :)
                    "I want to be the toy in your cereal box
                    I want to be Carter at your peace talks
                    I want to get almost too familiar
                    But still notice the way that you walk"

                    --- Glen Phillips "Easier"


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                      Have you tried jogging or running a couple of blocks.I joined Track team this year and it keeps my legs nice and healthy.I left w. at my school gym or at the ymca with my local trainer.


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                        Definately some good pointers on this subject!
                        Tae-Bo is a good video set.
                        I have the original set and I love it
                        Definately makes your pores flood!
                        Just keep up with the
                        :dancer: :sweat: :22: :38:
                        I didn't do it, honestly. I have burned all the proof.


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                          believe it or not

                          fancystar fianlly started her exercising, she went yesterday for about an hour,, i'm so proud of her a efw years ago couldn't even get her to go walk and now she's out exersicing
                          Well will wonders never cease.....


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                            Yes, Thank you.
                            Myself, I take my baby and we go to the gym together. When I start to get tired of exercising and burnt out, I just look at her and remember why I am exercising and trying to get back in shape.
                            It is hard work competing with young girls who haven't had kids, and have the natural energy of youth but I want my daughter to be proud of me.
                            But hey, you don't get first place by watching everyone else. It takes hard work and dammit I plan on working hard, so watch out!!!

                            ( sounds intimidating, don't it) LOLOLOLOLOLOL
                            Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

                            Why do some people bother breathing when you know their brain isn't getting the oxygen?


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                              you can't intimidate my son let alone the other dancers! hahahahah

                              No i have to say i'm proud of fancy right now, she's actually made it the second day of her workout, so way to go girl, jsut think it will be worth it be back in a size 14 in not time
                              oops my bad i mean a 6 ahahahhahahah
                              Well will wonders never cease.....


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